Senior of the Year winner announced

Good news to share – Barb Redford has been chosen Senior Of The Year.

This deserving recipient has turned her passion for growing flowers and vegetables into a charity known as “Marzie Days”. This was to bring attention for a rare disease also known as “Chromosome 18p Deletion, affecting her granddaughter, Marzie. Over the years her family, friends and our community benefited from her diligence. Family and friends have helped out by arranging sales, donations of crafts, and supplying food and baking for the May long weekend. In the past two or three years Great West Life would double her donation to a total of $10,000.00. Our Senior of The Year had to quit this last year because of rising costs and the hard work it involves for her and her husband Alf.

Trudy Badiuk, a long time friend of Barb’s, also informed me Barb is always willing to donate food items when needed for funerals, and any event at the Devlin Hall.

The Township of LaVallee and its residents we would like to thank Barb for her years of hard work, beautiful gardens, great togetherness and thousands of dollars to a charity to children born with this disease.

Barb and her husband Alf enjoy spending time with children and their families. Daughter Tanya and her husband Mike live with their kids Marzie and Talia in Winnipeg. Their son Ed is married to Julie, with children Noah and Elise.
Barb and Alf enjoy “life to its fullest,” with many friends in our communities.

It’s hard not to enjoy life when one has had a heart and determination to give so much.

Congratulations to Barb on being chosen the “Senior of the Year.”

Barb Redford has been named the 2021 Senior of the Year by LaVallee. She has spent many years raising funds for rare diseases, through Marzi Days. – Submitted photo

Another “good news” milestone to share is Dorothy Taylor turning 100 years old on January 13. Dorothy now resides in Rainycrest.

She grew up in Devlin on what many of us call the old Paterson Place. She also lived in the villages of Devlin and Burriss. Dorothy and Charlie lived in Bob Pyne’s house when they were first married. They moved to 625 Church Street Fort Frances in 1968.

Dorothy and her husband Charlie raised four children – Bob, Ed, Roy and Mary. Sadly Charlie and Mary both passed in 1994.

Dorothy’s health has deteriorated over the last five years. But she will always be remembered for her monster plants she grew. I had the privilege of seeing some of Dorothy’s beautiful plants. She loved being a homemaker. Dorothy took great pride in her penmanship.

Here’s paying tribute and wishing Dorothy a Happy hundredth birthday from the Devlin/LaVallee community, where she has enjoyed so many years. Also happy birthday wishes from the entire district as this lady left memories for many to remember.

Dorothy may your birthday be a happy one, here’s hoping you more loving and caring days ahead of you.

And thanks for the many smiles, chuckles and everlasting memories you leave with your grown children, family members and friends.