Dance 50/50 draw around the corner

After many tickets have been sold and volunteers have worked diligently, the draw is near. The Dance Hall Association volunteers have been raising money to rebuild the Dance Hall.

The draw takes place Boxing Day (December 26) at Devlin’s Corner Store at 1 p.m.

All proceeds will be used for a new propane furnace, duct work and kitchen equipment. All necessities for the Dance Hall Restorations.

Sincere sympathy to the the family of Barry McCormick. Barrys’s siblings Cheryl, Len, Cliff and Tom and many nieces and nephews living in our district will dearly miss Barry. As well as his wife Linda and daughter Janice Barry also had many family members in eastern Ontario that are grieving his loss.

Sadly Barry passed unexpectedly last Thursday, December 16. Barry suffered a severe heart attack earlier in the week.

Barry was hardworking, dedicated to his family and an extremely humorous man. Barry spent much of his life working on tractors at Hadley Farm Equipment which made him and Gerald Bullied well suited for many a lengthy talk about their love of tractors. Barry was an dedicated uncle, a highlight of nieces and nephews was a visit from uncle Barry and aunt Linda. He left many a special memory in the hearts and souls of them all.

Liz Donaldson recalls him being one of her first students at Burriss School. “He was a dear kind boy and I have never forgotten him,” she said.

Then she shared with me it’s hard to lose a student. Barry was truly one of those people who “made the world a better place.”

Cheryl will miss her weekly phone chats with her brother and his jovial comments.

May all the family and friends grieving know we hold you on our thoughts and prayers.

Rosella Gailbraith turned 101 on Friday December 17. She has been in the hospital for a short period of time. She is doing well and has nothing but good things to say about her care at the hospital. Rosella is hoping to move into a long term care home in the near future.

Her positive attitude and sparkle is still abundant.

All the best Rosella in the upcoming year.

Sherri Marienhoff was the lucky winner of the latest Emo Legion 50/50 draw. She pocketed $1320.00. Sherri lives in Alberta.

Also congratulations to Tracey Booth who was the lucky winner of the Fort Frances Minor Hockey Association Beer For A Year Draw. Tracey has a choice to receive $2500.00 in LCBO gift cards or $2500.00 in cash.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a blessed holiday season.

May you find peace and joy during this time!