This weather isn’t funny anymore

Okay, so we need some good weather. This isn’t funny anymore.
I have never had my cereal plots in the field waiting to harvest in September.
I am kicking myself that I didn’t come into work over the weekend, but it is hard because I certainly have things to do at home as well.
Sometimes it just feels like you can’t win. I know I shouldn’t complain, it could be worse.
At EARS it is my job to work on these plots, so I will get a pay cheque no matter but on the farm, this weather is costly.
For example, the wheat along the highway near Pinewood runs the risk of going from high quality wheat for human food to feed wheat for animals. There is quite a price difference.
I guess no one has ever said it is easy to farm. It is true–the weather can make or break you.
We are so excited to use our new cleaning equipment and see the results, but we can’t do that until the crops are out of the field.
I have weeds, lots of weeds that I would like to spray and not unless I had a plane could I get to them either.
I have manure to haul at home and the short window that it would have likely went was the Emo Fair week.
I have hay that I want to cut and bale. I have moved my cows to some good grass but now I am worried that they will be tramping things up with this weather.
So, all in all, I have a full-time belly ache and feel stressed to the max.
I am sure we all have projects that we want to finish before the dreaded long winter sets in so lets all cross our fingers for sunshine.
• • •
Once again, we had a successful work-bee at the sales barn. It is so great to see people show up and get things done.
Of course, everyone that was there had things they should have been doing at home, but they gave up their time. Thank you! A big thank to Laverne, Jo, Susan and my mom for making a great lunch.
Our first fall cattle sale is this Saturday! We are expecting 800-1,000 head.
If you are interested in working, please let James know at 807-271-2005!
Crossing our fingers for good weather and great prices for everyone.
• • •
We had the opportunity to check out the World Ploughing Match in Baudette, Mn. on Saturday! What a great even–right next door!
The ploughing was excellent, and that soil was beautiful. I was so happy to see so many people from Rainy River District.
Good job supporting events guys!
Maddie and Marlee were excited to check out the flags and all the countries that were at the event.
After we visited there (and apparently, I talk to people too much) we were off to Anola, Man.
The girls were goat shopping, with their own money.
The biggest issue was one didn’t have quite enough money and the other wasn’t too keen on leading hers out. But it all happened, and Maddie came home with Scarlett a Pygmy Goat and Marlee with Winne a Pygmy crossed with Fainting Goat.
Our funny farm just keeps getting funnier.
Maddie also shopped for another rabbit last week.
Poppie, a New Zealand bunny, is now living with us. She is really a sweet thing.
• • •
A very happy 65th birthday to Bob Angus!
Bob is planning to retire as well so double wishes for him!
• • •
Psst! You are invited to a surprise 50th birthday party for Kim Jo on Saturday, Sept. 14 at 4:30 p.m. in her hayfield.
Call 482-2781 for directions.