Snow brings more chores

Well, it looks like winter has arrived. I was still hoping we might be on the edge of the system and I do mean the edge that wasn’t going to get much at all. Friends in Dryden certainly were hit worse, and my step-kid was called to Kenora to work and spent all weekend cleaning up the mess. I stayed home on Friday; it was my first snow-day in many years! It wasn’t so fun on the farm, deep snow, and a deep, muddy mess below. I just can’t imagine farm life without a 4-Wheel drive tractor. The worst part though is we will be dealing with those ruts not for the next 6 months. I think walking in the farmyard should be a good workout though you are not moving fast you are getting a fully body work out keeping yourself upright and your boots on your feet.

Saturday was a busy day! We had Blackhawk Simmentals come earlier in the week and clean out our pole barn shed with their bobcat. We don’t have a machine that will fit so it is nice to have a business that will come and do this for us. We had to remove panels, maternity pen so that all needed to get put back in place. It was great because we had sand to put in the shed at the same time. If only it would stay that neat. We had to put the manure spreader and tractor away as hauling manure days are over for now. I am thankful for what got out but as always wish more could have been done. There aren’t enough hours in the day! I had to feed up that day and get the hay feeders moved around because it was a wet, sloppy mess where the cattle had been gathering to eat. I felt sorry for them. All summer they were pussy footing around because it was so dry for their feet and seeing them in water/mud to their knees didn’t look to comfortable. I quit working early that day to make summer for friends. I am not much of a cook, so it takes me time. Supper turned out pretty good but having people over to visit was so awesome! Sunday was animal day! My mom came and we got all the sheep, goats, and alpaca in their corral and dewormed and vaccinated them. It went well! Likely buying the handling facility for these small animals was one of the best investments I ever made. The ram was released, and breeding has started. We do not have a Billy goat to breed the goats this year….But I am sure that at least one niece would like this to happen. I think my mom is nervous about looking for a Billy since last year it darn near killed our ram. Next task was tattooing the purebred heifers. It was a job that I should have done earlier but it never happened. The calves came in nicely and we accomplished that rather quick. We have a couple heifers heading to Manitoulin Island soon, so it needed to be completed before they left. I still find it very satisfying crossing jobs off the list it is just too bad I have so many lists!