Lightning damage being repaired

Last week was a complete blur. I had high hopes of getting all caught back up at the Research Station, but I had many interruptions and things added to an already long list. I was able to work late on Friday and came in with my mom on Sunday. A couple of hours here and there really adds up.

Of course, it was wet last week when we were scheduled to plant our strip of Winter Barley. My mom helped plant that on Sunday (should have went in on Wednesday.) My mom hasn’t had the lessons on planting straight, but it will be fine!

I have a fall helper starting today! So, we will get the larger Winter Wheat in provided the weather holds off for the day. I was counting on good weather all week…. But not sure that will be the case. I am hearing people say the Farmers Almanac predicted a wet September. There is one thing for sure the precipitation really made a difference in grasses. The colour and the growth of the lawns is something else. It is certainly great for pastures and if you can keep your cows off and allow it to grow, we may see some better grazing yet. The shorter days and cooler nights are the downfall.

My friend Chris came in last week and we did a trial run with our hop’s harvester. It was pretty neat. We are hosting the Minister of Agriculture this week, so we are planning to run a few bines through for her as well. This was another reason I was hoping for a sunny, dry week so we could get them harvested. The one good thing is we could always bring the bines in and run them through the machine in our shop though it would be nicer to keep the mess outside.

Things are sounding positive with Lake of the Woods taking our hops. We are excited to see this project take off. RRFDC supporting this with he Hops Harvester and baler is such a great help. I have a lot of work to do at the Station outside but last week I was completely stressed out so this week I am just going to think about the day ahead and not worry about tomorrow.

I need to share with you an update on the new build at the Sales Barn. Things are coming along really nice. We planned to host a Sale last Saturday. The board decided to meet Tuesday night to make the decision whether it was a go. Tuesday afternoon a little thunderstorm blew in. We were hit by lightening and it did damage. Big damage. Two of our guys who were welding got shocked. Thankfully they are both fine.

It fried two welders, computers, routers, scoreboards, reader panels, drills etc. It was a black and white decision; out sale was off. Yes, we have insurance, and we are covered but that does not include the time it takes to get all these items replaced and ready to go. The auction program must be reinstalled, and we are back to square one getting all our equipment to communicate with one another.

We are planning on doing a dry run this weekend and a full sale on September 25. The volunteers are still showing up and welding like crazy. The carpenters and contractors are working long hours. We all just must keep reminding ourselves that this is going to be a really great place when it is all completed. And what a story this will be going forward!

It was my mom’s birthday on Saturday. She celebrated being 72 by participating in the DI Dash on Sunday. We served approximated 55 people at the Emo Hospital where the walkers met and continued their way to Fort Frances. This is a large capital campaign raising money for the Diagnostic Imaging Equipment so we can stay home for things like cat scans, mammograms etc. We need to appreciate that we have trained staff and a hospital that is capable of housing and servicing our District.

A BIG thank you to Allison and all committees/volunteers that kicked off this event in such a successful manor. Allison you are appreciated, and your hard work is certainly appreciated!

Please consider a donation no matter the size, they all add up! For those that took the time to join the Emo event I hope you enjoyed some of that great Rainy River Raised Beef!