I have a new puppy!

I am hoping to have things locked up at the Research Station this week. I was thinking I might finish last week but I got side-tracked. The reports have been dropped off at Emo Feed, but I will remind you that nothing was outstanding last year, other than we experienced a drought. I can’t help but stress a bit about next year; will we go from drought to flood, or will it be another dry year or maybe it will be just perfect! Either way, we can’t change it. The weather has been near perfect this last little bit, but it sounds like we will be moving into a cold snap. This is to be expected with people travelling around for the holidays.

I took a 2022 calendar and scribbled down the days I will be feeding cattle and how much I am feeding. I thought this would rest my mind. On paper I should be o.k. but of course things can change if weather changes as well, and we all know cows eat a bit more once they are feeding calves or it gets extra cold. My fussy cows are complaining about some of the hay I bought but they are going to have to learn to like it. Again, this year feeding cows is about training ourselves as much as it is our cattle. Growing up when we fed small square bales, we only fed two times a day. They did not have hay in front of them all the time. Large round bales spoiled us as much as our cows as they have become accustomed to having feed in front of them all the time.

I think I finally finished my outdoor light display. I was planning to get my tree up this weekend, but I ran out of time. I did make 400 trips up and downstairs and pulled out most of my other decorations. It takes me hours finding the perfect place for things. I want it to look nice not cluttered, not overwhelming and I like to balance the soft lightening around the room. Our Hydro was out most of Sunday, so it was tricky testing out lights. For some reason I am just not feeling the Christmas mood I am hoping it will come soon or at least some motivation to for shopping. I think we are all in the same situation we need very little, so it is a challenge finding a special gift.

This week we are welcoming a new addition to our family. It will make for some busy holidays I am thinking. A new little black lab puppy is joining the farm. She doesn’t have a name yet, but I am sure I can share more with you next week. I still miss Roxee so much, but I am thinking this little girl will help with that. She has some tough paws to fill though.