Eat local, support farmers

This is Ontario Agriculture Week! Though I think we should celebrate our industry all year long, things are ramped up this week! It is a special time to think about the acres that are cared for by our producers, the abundance of food produced, the employees in our industry, and the rural communities that are well supported by us. Farmers work 365 days of the year to provide us with safe, fresh, high quality food! This week and beyond fill your plates with Ontario dairy products, meats, preserves, grains and produce! With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I challenge you to serve an “all local” meal! It is a great time of the year to access some fruits of the harvest.

What a whirlwind of week I had last week. I certainly ended September with a bang! We seemed to pack in as many meetings as we possible could. The Agri-recovery Zoom session was well attended and for those who couldn’t make it the session was recorded and I have sent out through my contact list. If you still have questions, please let me know and I will do my best to get you the help you may need. Wednesday night my mom and I attended the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. I was honored to be recognized as “Business Women of the Year!” I never in a million years expected to be recognized for my work. I am not what you think of when you think of a Business Women. I spend more time in “barn clothes” than I do in dress clothes. I feel very fortunate to do the only job that I ever wanted to do, FARM. Then to top it off my off-farm job is in Agriculture and I work with the best people around, FARMERS. I am so fortunate to have grown up with such a support team with my mom, dad, and plenty of others. My brother didn’t have the same interest, but I am so happy that he and my sister-in-law have allowed me to share a great way of life with my nieces. Thank you for this award, I plan to continue to work hard sharing and promoting this great place we all call home, Rainy River District!

My birthday normally falls on or near a Cattle Sales. This year the Sale was over, but I still had to celebrate at the Sales Barn as we had a board meeting. I also celebrated by baling some square bales that were a little too green and now I am nervous about putting in the barn. We have them spread all over hoping they will dry a bit more before we put them in the barn. We finally made time to pick up the square bales of straw that I had spoken for in August. Thank you to the Krahn’s for putting up with my schedule and allowing me to wait until not to pick them up. While I was in the Rainy River area, I had the pleasure of a horse tour with Jenna Jarvis (Gold Dust Equine.) Jenna has a cool business started. Jenna is a farrier, doing riding lessons, selling some feed and horse related products and breeding Rock Mountain Horses. She has 13 beautiful horses currently. It is very evident that she has spent many hours with these horses as they are calm and easy to be around. It is great to see a young person following her passion and even better it is here in our District. Sunday was another busy day at home. We finally got the sheep and goats feet trimmed. Marlee was out so we harvested all our pumpkins, (something like 72 of them.) I also moved some cattle around and we had some special guests! My mom’s cousin was visiting from B.C. She spent a lot of time at my farm growing up, so she wanted to come back for a visit. I was able to take her in the barn and show her a place that she had carved her name many years ago!