Can’t believe the Emo Fair is here

Well, I am having a hard time to believe this, but it is the Emo Fall Fair Week!
I can honestly say that I have nothing ready–other than the cattle, I guess. I don’t have one entry made!
I will be working extra over-time these next couple of days to be able to pull things off.
We have been so busy working with cattle and getting the girls’ 4-H books finished that there just hasn’t been slack time.
We have had such great weather that it is hard to sit inside and craft!
All the entries must be in by tonight (Wednesday night), so my time is limited.
I also must have our stall display all ready by then as well.
Like I say every year: “Next year I am going to try and get started earlier!”
• • •
Please plan on joining in on the fun!
This year, Louis and Aaron Bujold have agreed to let us guess the weight on one of their bulls!
This is always a lot of fun for you to guess and for us to see all your guesses!
If you have time to work at our “Guess the Weight” booth, it would be appreciated.
• • •
The girls are doing well with their cattle but are really set on taking their alpaca, goat and lambs to the fair as well.
I am not exaggerating when I say it takes us a week to drag our stuff out to Emo.
They don’t always like to “share” their animals, but they seem to think they should show them off at least.
• • •
Marlee is really looking forward to her shift in the 4-H food booth.
Funny, at a certain age the food booth is so cool and then they grow up! Be sure to stop in and support our local 4-H Organization.
There is a good chance we will be doing some major renovations on our booth for next year.
It is going to look shabby compared to their new, beautiful food court addition.
Many people have been working very hard to get their new building up and running for this year’s fair and it hasn’t been easy for them.
• • •
You should stop by the Beef Cattle Ring and check out our new grooming competition at 9 a.m. on Friday.
The 4 4-H Beef Clubs have made up 4 teams and will be challenging each other in the ring.
The animals can enter the ring washed but will have to clip and groom and prepare for the show ring.
They will have one hour, and they will then be judged!
We thought that people might want to view the work it takes to get an animal ready for the show ring.
This happens after many hours are spent just getting your animals how to understand how to be tied and walked.
Judging will take place just before 10 a.m. to allow the kids to work their shifts in the 4-H food booth.
• • •
The Emo Ag Research Station is on hold this week!
Nick and I were successful in combining our winter wheat last week.
We did run into a few issues, like running out of gas, needing a new battery, hooking up a new battery etc. but we finished, and the yields are looking quite good just by looking at our bag sizes.
We are excited to try out some new cleaning equipment, as well.
The barley is really ripening quickly as well, and it has me puzzled a bit since we were roughly a week later planting!
Looks like we are going to be pretty busy after the fair.
• • •
I look forward to seeing everyone at the fair. I hope you take the time to come and see us all.
It is a lot of work to make this all happen but it is more worthwhile when we have lots of people around enjoying all that is happening!