CN Station here doomed without purchase inquiries

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

The Canadian National Railway station on Fourth Street West probably will be demolished unless a purchaser can be found during the next few months, the company confirmed Tuesday.

David Dear, CN communications officer, said from Winnipeg the company of making a policy of not hanging on to such stations because of high tax burden.

But Dear said the local landmark could be saved with a serious offer to purchase it.

“We’ve had a number of offers over the years but none of them have ever panned out.

“All we are doing no is setting a deadline for offers.

“If after that deadline is up, we haven’t got something to abandon the station, which, if accepted, would make its destruction legal.”

Museum Curator Darryl Allan said that would be a pity considering the historical importance of the railway here.

But Allan added if nobody is willing to maintain the building, it is only fair the company be allowed to demolish it.

“It’s only feasible to save it if somebody can find some use of it. If they can’t, then it just becomes a drain on the taxpayer,” he said.

Allan pointed out while it would be nice to save every old building in town, it probably would not be realistic.

Council discussed the abandonment briefly as its regular meeting Monday. Deputy Mayor Gus Lindberg asked his fellow council or whether there was any interest from the Fort Frances Multicultural Society, a group the CNR said had shown interest.

But Mayor Dick Lyons said the last letter from the group was some time ago.