Peace Celebration At Fort Frances

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Army & Navy Veterans To Carry Out Program For Celebrating Declaration of Peace. Splendid Organizations od Committees to Ensure Success.

With favourable weather assured Fort France and district will have the biggest and grandest day of celebration that has ever occurred. Extensive preparations have been made for a district wide assemblage. A complete program of sports is to be held consisting of a baseball game, between Emo and Fort Frances. Novelty races, military sports, and a log rolling contest. Preparations are being made for a grand display of fireworks in the evening at which the the author of the world’s war “The Kaiser” will be solemnly and summarily disposed of. The citizens are asked to enter with the true spirit of patriotism in the celebration. All buildings on the main street will be decorated and windows dressed suitably for the occasion.

In the morning at 10 a.m. a monster parade will be held of autos, bicycles and floats. It is proposed to put up a prize for the best display in the parade. The streets are to be decorated and the town generally put on a gala dress to celebrate the triumphant victory of our country in the greatest war that the world has ever known. Those who have the work in hand will most gladly and cordially welcome the assistance of all citizens in the carrying of out successfully of the celebration. A band has been secured for the day and will add greatly to the spirit of the occasion in the playing of the martial airs.

July 19th has been declared a public holiday throughout the Empire. United States have also set the day apart for celebrating Peace.

The committees in charge are making extensive preparations for the handling of the day’s events and special train service has been secured for outside points down the river. Reduced fares have been arranged for so that a very large crowd fro the district will be on hand to join with us in fittingly observing the day.

For particulars of the day’s sports small programs are being prepared which will be distributed to those who are interested in these events.

The program of sports, etc.,will take place at Pither’s Point Park and promises to be the best series of events that has been given in Fort Frances,

Promptly at 9:45 a.m. the monster parade will move off the grounds in front of the hospital. the order of the parade will be as follows:

The Mayor and Council; Army & Navy Veterans; Cadets; Full Band; Baseball Teams; School Children; Decorated Bicycles; Decorated Automobiles; Decorated Floats: The parade will be under the control of Wm. Dougherty as Marshall of Parade.

In the Connection we would point out that the prizes for the parade are for the best decorated bicycle for boy or girl under 16 years of age, $5.00, with a special prize donated by Mr. Clark of the Y.M.C.A. of $10.00; for the best decorated automobile a prize of $10, and for the best decorated float and prize of $25.00 by the Wells Hardware Co.

All Contestants in order to compete are required to be on the parade grounds before the parade moves off. So be sure to be on time.

To the best decorated business front a special prize of $25.00 has been hung up by the Committee of Management. It is earnestly requested that every merchant and place of business make a special effort to decorate. This is a particularly urgent matter in order that he day be a success.

Promptly a 11 a.m. a baseball game will take place in the Park. The morning game between the Shevlin-Clark Company and a town team and in the afternoon at 1:30 the winners to play off with Emo. For the winners of these games a prize of $25.00 will be donated with a second prize of $10.00. This should provide the spectators with a real snappy game of ball.

$200.00 in prizes has been set aside by the management for a full program of sports which are set out in hand bills which will be distributed. Both single and double canoe races, also a tub race are on the program with a game of water polo, for which a valuable prize will be donated. All parties having canoes see that they are there for the afternoon program.

Owing to the short time in preparation due to the uncertainty of the day being a legal holiday the time has been very short to get the matter fully advertised. It is hoped that the citizens will generally take hold of the idea of making this day one that will in some measure give expression to our appreciation of what the day stands for.