Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Toronto, May 9— Midnight last night brought the final approval of the Ontario Cabinet of the provinces new 4.4 beer regulations. Interesting point in tax and restriction were brought out at the close of the session, which lasted from 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Breweries outside the province must pay $5,000 for a license to manufacture, Ontario breweries $200.

Clubs may sell beer to members only. Object is to overcome purely “beer drinking clubs,” causing trouble in Vancouver at present.

The question is asked on the permit form: “Are the club premises available to other than bonified club members?”

Standard hotel permit seekers must give age, nationality, married or single, how many children, employees, term of occupancy, has it bar, windows in bar, has it tables and chairs, dance hall, ever fined under O. T. A.

Liquor sold on Sunday only with meals in hotels and clubs and no sale permitted between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. on any day.

Door Or Window

“The beverage room of a standard hotel,” says the regulations, “shall have a clear glazed door or a window similarly glazed of reasonable dimensions, facing upon a street, or other public thoroufare from which uninterrupted view of the interior thereof may be unobstructed by any partitions, screens, blinds, curtains or otherwise.

The hotel regulations continue: “If the outside edge of face of what is commonly known as the bar in a hotel is extended to a distance of at least six feet six inches, measured from the floor, or to within one foot of the ceiling, liquor may be there sold or supplied for consumption. Such extension may be of wood or glass, but not consist of grille or lattice work or wire netting of any kind, and must be without opening, except a passage at the end thereof.”

Explained Restriction

Premier Ferguson explained that the restriction to “opaque glass” was withdrawn upon presentations that some bartenders might be tempted to carry flasks and break the laws if the proprietor’s view of their operations were obscured by opaque glass, and consequently the word opaque was omitted. Liquor permits are to remain in force only during the current fiscal year, provided the holder thereof observes the law.

Permits for hotels, clubs, etc., will be $10.00.
Employees’ permits cost $1.

Searching list of questions must be answered by breweries and clubs.

License fee of $50 charged to operate brewers’s warehouse.

Photo of place must be sent in with “shop permit”. Permit fee to be announced later.

Seventeen Questions

Seventeen questions are asked of the applicant for a restaurant permit, details of his family ad tenancy of the property, arrangement of the premises, are there any booths, does he agree to make necessary alterations, what windows or doors face upon any street, with dimensions, is there a dance hall, and the inevitable question” “Have you been convicted of B.O.T.A.?” As with the shop applicant, he is to be apprised of the license fee subsequently.

No booths of compartments are to be permitted, and beer may be sold on Sunday only for the consumption with meals. The Minister may, however, where a restaurant cannot comply with all the requirements, waive any portion of clause three of the regulations, which says there shall be a clear glazed window or door and a window similarly glazed, of reasonable dimensions facing upon a street from which an uninterrupted view of the interior may be obtained.

In all these cases the applicants must answer all the questions asked of them on the form.