Cancer cure proven? Tests reported hopeful

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Favorable results from majority of cases tested by Glover treatment in Philadephia two hundred tests made in two years some cases reported as cured.

Has “the Glover cure” for cancer been more or less definitely proved?

According to the Philadelphia North Americana newspaper of high reputation, and not given to “sensationalism,” it has. In an article published Monday withheld from publication for fifteen months, it says in the interest of science, it is declared that the cause of cancer has been discovered; also a treatment for it, which although still in experimental stage, is producing remarkable results.

Glover, the article says, has established scientifically that the disease is due to a micro-organism; he has isolated the germ and proved by the “conclusive laboratory test known as the ‘Koch Cycle'” its part as the causative factor.

The anti-toxic serum developed by Dr. Glover, it is further declared, apparently is effective only to the treatment of carcinoma, the commonest and most destructive form of cancer.

Work of Four Years

It is within ten days of four years since Glover, then a young practising physician at 142 Broadview Ave., first gave a demonstration at a clinic in St. Michael’s hospital, on June 19, 1920of what he considered to be his curative treatment of cancer. A dozen or more sufferers form cancer in its worst stages, all inoperable cases, who had previously received injection of his serum, were brought forward, and each one told of marvellous results, such as disappearance of pain and return of appetite, as having resulted.

Rejected by Committee

Several months later, Dr. Glover gave a clinic before a special committee of the Academy of medicine, who reported that “from the data, as far as obtained,” there was “no evidence to warrant the hope that a specific cure for cancer has been discovered.”

For a considerable time Dr. Glover conducted a clinic in the spacious former Cawthra Mulock residence on Jarvis street, subsequently removed to New York and it has been always understood, was continuing his research there.

A few weeks ago it was reported that announcement was made at a staff meeting of physicians of a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, that announcement was to be expected within sixty days as to “he greatest medical discovery of the age,” isolation of the cause of cancer, by a Canadian physician in New York.

200 Tests in Two Years

The North American article says:”Dr. Glover first succeeded in inoculating animals with the germ he had isolated in certified specimen of cancer from human beings, and with it reproduced the disease in monkeys and all immune animals. Then, injecting of the serum, he arrested or modified its course and later immunized scores of such animals against infection.

“within the last two years this serum has been tested on more than 200 cases of cancer confirmed by pathological x-ray and clinical histories, and in every stage of development. from incipiency of hopelessness. Nearly 100 of these have been treated in the National Stomach Hospital in Philadelphia, where the most complete test have been made and the largest number of patients observed.

Some are Cured

“In a majority of these cases favourable results have been secured and in some instances the subjects have been charged as symptom free, a condition the layman would call cured. This discovery of the cancer germ leads logically to the hope that a method may soon be found for determining the presence of the micro-organism in the blood, thus making possible the detection of the disease. Dr. Glover already has made significant experiments along this line, with decidedly encouraging results.

Began in 1911

“Work in this field soon after being graduated form the Medical School of the University of Toronto in 1911, and was continuously employed in it until he came to New York. There, one of his test cases attracted the attention of a wealthy business man who for three years anonymously financed his laboratory work and the production of the serum.

“The process of obtaining this serum is similar to that followed in the case of diphtheria anti toxin, in that the horse is the medium. It has been carried on solely under Dr. Glover’s personal supervision, even to such details as selection of the animals and their inoculation and care, an operation covering a period of at least eighteen months.

Hospital Tests

“Dr. Glover has distributed a limited amount of serum to hospitals in various parts of the country, to be tested under pledge of secrecy and without charge, pending the official announcement. From these experimental clinics have been received highly favourable reports of results which coincide with the results obtained in Philadelphia over a period of 18 months.

“Associated in the work with Dr. Glover are two Philadelphia physicians, Dr. J.F. Donnelly and Dr. M.P. Warmuth, both members of the National Stomach Hospital, where the first clinic was established late in 1922. to these doctors was assigned the work of determining the value of the serum in practical use, the best method of administration, and proper dosage.”