By Robin McCormick
Devlin Correspondent

Sylvia Beadle Will turn 90 this Friday, November 5. 
Notice I didn’t say 90 year old as old is the farthest thing you would use to describe Sylvia. Ninety years young is more appropriate. 

Sylvia was honoured with a nineteenth birthday party at the Devlin Hall on Saturday ( October 30th.) with over a hundred people attending. 
Sylvia’s brother Fred made the trip ( with his wife Evelyn )  from Thunder Bay. Fred and Sylvia are the two remaining siblings of the eleven children born to Nobel and Annie Hyatt.  

As I spoke to Sylvia Monday I could hear the happiness in her voice as she told me how much she enjoyed her birthday gathering. She ( humbly said ) “ She certainly didn’t expect so many people to be there”. She also shared with me “ She had told her family to not bother with a party, let’s just have a family gathering “. 

Which also took place following the party, the family enjoyed a potluck supper Saturday evening, followed by a brunch on Sunday morning. 
Sylvia wears many hats , Mother , grandmother, great and great great grandmother, a volunteer for the Guthrie church for years , plus a caring aunt, friend and I know her bowling team ( who attended her party ) say “ She’s an amazing bowler “. 
Sylvia children Terry , Judy, Sandy and Colleen all know they have been blessed ( as have their families) to have their mother and her love, support and role model.
Sylvia did share with me that she was a bit tired on Monday , after a busy whirlwinds weekend. I have know doubt in my mind she’ll be rested and onto her full filled life by Tuesday. 

When asked her secret to living a long, productive and meaningful life she immediately replied “Never be afraid to work.” 

Words well said for us all to take heed too!
On behalf of our community I wish Sylvia a happy birthday on Friday, November 5th. 

May you continue enjoying life as you turn ninety years young! 

Sylvia shared with me she never expected to live to 90 years old. 

Also this gracious lady went around at her birthday party chatting and thanking everyone who came. She was kind of shy to speak in front of everyone but she took the time to share her thankfulness.