Our Daily Bulletin

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Due to the request from many of our advertisers, and the readers of the Times for a daily news and advertising service. The Times has this week commenced the issue of a Daily Bulletin. This daily news and advertising sheet is being devoted to to items of daily interest, the news of our merchants and a medium for service in daily wants. Sixteen hundred copies are printed for daily circulation. It is being distributed in every home in Fort Frances. Eight local boys have the distribution of the Bulletin. It leaves the office of publication at four o’clock and should be in each house and place of business before 6 p.m. If you have not received your copy of phone 41 and let us have your name and address, and it will be attended to.The service is limited to homes in and adjacent to Fort Frances.

There is no charge for the Bulletin and the rates for advertising purposes are as reasonable as can be given with a printed sheet of the quality and size, as well as the careful editing that is required to publish a first class Bulletin. A call to 41 will bring a solicitor to take care of your advertising needs. Telephone us of any items of news you desire to have published. We PRINT the news.