Beyak Auto group invites community to street hockey tournament

By Allan Bradbury

Staff Writer

On Saturday Nov. 6, Beyak automotive group is hosting a community street hockey tournament at Fort Frances GM. The tournament is free to enter and open to all ages and skill levels.

The tournament will kick off at 10 a.m on the Fort Frances GM parking lot and families and other groups are encouraged to enter. Beyak’s Marketing and Public Relations manager Danielle Hammond says the group wanted to put on an event for the community to enjoy after all the time kept inside over the last few years.

“We just wanted to put on something for the community,” Hammond said. “We’ve been locked up because of COVID but it’s nice because this is still outside and we’re able to enjoy the nicer weather before winter comes.”

Fort Frances GM recently completed the paving of their lot at the King’s highway location and due to the pandemic have not received a full stock of vehicles. Many vehicles require computer chips that are in short supply.

Games will be played four on four. People who wish to play in the tournament can submit their teams to Hammond by email at The deadline to submit teams is Wednesday. Once teams are submitted they will be grouped into categories for age groups and skill levels to keep play even. Schedules will be sent out by Friday. If people want to play but don’t have a team to play on they can send in their name and get added to a team.

For those not interested in playing hockey, food and refreshments will also be available for free so spectators are welcome to come down for a snack and to watch some of the games.

“Because of COVID we haven’t been able to get that many vehicles in,” Hammond said. “So we thought ‘we have this big beautiful lot, it just got paved,’ so we want to put it to good use and just host something fun.”