Worried we’ll pay for this weather later

It’s certainly hard to believe we are near mid-December and our weather has been incredible.
Last year at this time, we were moving snow continually.
The only thing that worries me about this is how bad will we pay for it later? I certainly know we need a bit more snow in order to keep things like septic systems and water from freezing, but one does have to be careful what you wish for.
I can feed cows pretty much anywhere right now—we don’t have much snow and we were very dry, so it is quite amazing the places you can go right now.
This type of weather is easy on the cattle, as well (cooler but yet no bugs).
• • •
Hunting season is closing this week and I must say I’m always glad when it’s over. People seem to be so disrespectful of other’s property.
Last weekend someone shot a deer in one of our fields (which is clearly posted). The gate was shut but they proceeded to open it and retrieve their deer.
I agree that is better than leaving the deer, but why do some feel the need to disrespect other people’s property?
Not only that—do you know what is behind the deer that you were shooting? Cattle, or perhaps someone else in a deer stand or blind?
Please remember to do to other people what you would expect someone to do back to you.
• • •
We had a great cattlemen’s Christmas party here at my place on Saturday night. It is nice to get together when we can sit back relax and visit instead of working all the time.
We had lots of good laughs (especially from our friend north of Devlin). Funny, though, how our conversations always seem to turn back to “cows.”
Anyway, we likely stayed up too late. But for those of you who couldn’t make it, you did miss a good time.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee helped us search for our Christmas tree. I had seen one I liked close to Thunder Bay, but my boyfriend/partner thought that was a little far to drive for a tree.
We didn’t cut it this weekend, but that will be a job for next weekend. I’m thinking that since we are dry, the trees likely will be dry this year, as well.
I need to get shopping so that I have some gifts to put under the tree (that is on the list to do this week!)
I’m thinking that since everyone is so hard to buy for, food and drinks is the way to go. After all, we all enjoy eating and drinking, and that way it won’t be something you have to dust and clean every year (a great idea since I’m trying to houseclean these days).

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