Shop’s Halloween display: Trump holding Obama head

The Associated Press

FOWLERVILLE, Mich.–A mid-Michigan auto shop has replaced a Halloween display depicting a scowling President Donald Trump holding the severed head of former President Barack Obama by a black rope.
The Detroit Free Press reports that Quality Coatings owner Dave Huff removed the rope and Obama mask Friday outside the business in Fowlerville, about 66 miles (106 kilometres) northwest of Detroit, following criticism on social media.
He added yellow tape reading: “PC-POLICE.”
Huff says he’s not racist and “no race ever went into this thing.”
The newspaper reports Sunday that the original display was put up three weeks ago.
A machete smeared with what appeared to be red paint was impaled into the Trump figure’s midsection.
The Trump figure’s foot also was on a head representing 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.