Police ‘mourn’ doughnuts

The Associated Press

BROOKHAVEN, Ga.–The loss of Krispy Kreme doughnuts documented by police in Georgia has come to a bittersweet ending.
A Facebook post from Brookhaven police shows officers respond to the scene of “total carnage” Tuesday morning.
It said dozens of doughnuts fell from a delivery truck onto the curb and into the gutter of a road in the city near Atlanta.
Police say their response time to the call was stellar, but they missed the five-second rule.
The post asked for thoughts and prayers as the total loss of the doughnuts deeply affected all the department’s officers.
Police later added a comment with an update to the so-called tragedy.
It said officers in Gainesville sent a batch of sympathy doughnuts to Brookhaven police in their time of mourning.