Lois AbrahamThe Canadian Press TORONTO — Thousands of people on a tight food budget have benefited from a thesis project by a former Edmonton resident. Leanne Brown, who earned a master’s degree from New York University in food studies, wrote a cookbook targeted to low-income people and Food Stamps recipients […]

By Alison Ladman THE ASSOCIATED PRESS One of our favourite ways to beat the heat at the end of summer is to turn some of the season’s abundant produce into beautiful, delicious frozen fruit slushies. It’s fun and easy to get creative. Not only can you experiment with different fruits […]

The Associated PressDee-Ann Durbin PALO ALTO, Calif. — The office has all the trappings of a high-tech startup. There’s a giant beanbag in the foyer and erasable, white board walls for brainstorming. Someone’s pet dog lounges happily on the sunny balcony. Welcome to the Palo Alto home of the Ford […]

The Associated PressHyung-Jin Kim SEOUL, South Korea — The rival Koreas have resumed cross-border propaganda warfare as North Korea matched South Korea’s loudspeaker campaign with broadcasts of its own that reportedly included criticism of Seoul and praises for Pyongyang. The mutual propaganda attacks mark a further deterioration of relations between […]

The Associated Press BERLIN — Doctors in Germany say quadruplets born prematurely three months ago to a 65-year-old woman are doing well and can leave a Berlin hospital soon. Charite hospital said Tuesday that the babies all weigh more than 2.5 kilograms (88 ounces) and should be able to go […]

The Canadian Press TORONTO — A new study has determined that the average cost of health care for Canadians with diabetes is $16,000 over eight years, compared to $6,000 for those without the disease. The analysis published in the journal Diabetic Medicine shows that caring for the 3.4 million Canadians […]

The Canadian PressDavid Friend TORONTO — Strapping your wallet, house keys and a database of passwords onto your wrist would make life a lot easier, and one Canadian company has created a way to link all of that information with an extra level of security tied to your heartbeat. Nymi […]

By Alison Ladman THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sometimes we think too hard about the food we toss on the grill. Brine this, rub that, marinate for 12 days. Enough! For those days when you just want something simple and delicious to pop onto the grill and get to the table in […]