‘With a view’ for one more week

“So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight!”
–So long, farewell, The Sound of Music
I can’t believe I just opened with a quote from “The Sound of Music.” That has to be a forgettable first for any sports column.
But it pretty much says it all. I’m down to my final days with the Times. I accepted a job with the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal’s sports department last week, making next Wednesday’s Aug. 14 my last hurrah in good ol’ Rainy River District.
With all due respect to Fort Frances and the surrounding area, getting the call to come back to my hometown to do what I love was not a hard decision to make. The Journal is a paper I’ve grown up with so I’m doubly excited.
That and they dumped a pile of money in front of my house. I’m only human, people!
There’s not much more to add. I’ll have more to say about my time here next week. For now, on to the penultimate shoutout call . . . well just the one, actually.
A whimper, not a bang, as it were.

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