Winter carnival winners

The following were winners from the 26th-annual Nestor Falls Winter Carnival held over the weekend:
< *c>Fishing derby
•Crappie—1. Rick Bateman of Minnesota (set of Rapala glasses) 2. Paul Evans of Nestor Falls (spinning reel, Gulp bait box) 3. Dennis Marcel of Fort Frances (Plano tackle system, instant grillm fillet knife)
•Walleye—1. Glenda Grennier of Emo (ice fishing rod, spinning reel) 2. Lance Brown of Nestor Falls (ice fishing tip up, Gulp bait box, Flambeau soft tackle box) 3. Pam Schrumm of Nestor Falls (ice fishing rod, tackle wallet, chair)
•Northern—1. Dave Wagar of Emo (tackle box, fillet knife, Rapala cap, coffee mug) 2. Finn Chalupsky of Nestor Falls (fillet knife, ice fishing rod, fishing bucket) 3. Dave Wagar of Emo (camper deluxe sleeping bag)
•Lake trout—1. Damien Stang of La Vallee (cooker, box set of Rapala coffee mugs) 2. Terry Brennan of Nestor Falls (ice fishing sled, back pack) 3. Fred Kelly of Nestor Falls (ice fishing rod, rod case, ice scoop)
•Kids under 12—Tristen Lentz of Kenora (13” RCA TV)
Fish derby participants draw winners were Matt Marcil of Thunder Bay (two h.p. Strikemaster ice auger) and Fred Tolton of Nestor Falls (Fish TV camera)
< *c>Other events
•Poker derby—Sherre Swanton of Nestor Falls ($200)
•Karaoke contest—Selene LeBlanc of Nestor Falls (best adult preformance), Veronica Hammond, Erin Gate, and Deb Sloan of Nestor Falls (best adult group performance), Victoria Hammond of Nestor Falls (best kids’ performance), and Jenny Hammond, Victoria Hammond, and Marita Goertzen of Nestor Falls (best kids’ group performance)
•Chili cook-off—Becky Holden of Nestor Falls and Amanda Lecuyer of Nestor Falls
•Cribbage tournament—1. Merv and Marg Benjamin of Fort Frances ($50 cash and $100 gift certificate from Dalseg’s Fine Foods) 2. Debbie and Megan Moate of Nestor Falls ($50 cash and $50 gift certificate from Falls Hardware) 3. Doris Viallant and Karen Helder of Nestor Falls ($20 cash and $50 gift certificate from The Lawg Cabin) 4. Charles Hanson of Stratton and Charles Harris of Barwick (Wal-Mart gift cards)
•Scavenger hunt—1. Diana Halverson, Nadine Chapman, and Donna Kulash of Nestor Falls ($75) 2. Mary Sutton, Donna McMahon, and Becky Holden of Nestor Falls ($50) 3. April Tait of Manitoba, Joanne Haney and Jen Lougheed of Nestor Falls ($25)
•Blind curling—1. Team Redemption ($60) 2. The Cottams ($50) 3. The Racoons ($40)
The all-events grand prize draw winner was Elaine Mercier of Nestor Falls, who won a $1,000 travel gift certificate.
Congratulations to everyone!