Why keep the name?

Jamie Nelson

Dear editor,

Re: “Judson restarts Colonization Road debate”

I really don’t understand why this is up for discussion. What can the argument AGAINST the name change even be? What reasons could be good enough to leave it named as it is?

The name of this road is offensive to a vast number of our community’s members and with good reason, so why would anyone want to keep it?

Yes, history cannot be changed, but you can learn from it and do better going forward and honour should not be paid to something so reprehensible as this word, considering its meaning. So why are we using it?

It has also been presented to me as too expensive for the homeowners living on the road to change their address. I disagree. I have moved a few times during my adult life and the cost of changing an address is minimal. The time it takes is minimal.

I am actually shocked that people are more concerned with these minimal fees and the small bit of time it will take to make changes, than they are with correcting something that is so wrong and taking a step towards further mending our community relations.

Jamie Nelson