What does peace sound like?

I sometimes wonder what peace sounds like.
Is it the quietness of the lake in January when the silence around the cabin is deafening? Is it the crunch of snow as you walk through the neighbourhoods in the darkened evening with the Christmas lights from homes illuminating your path?
Or is it the quietness of sitting in a pew prior to a Sunday service?
I have no answers. Yet, I find each of those times comforting. The quiet of the walk or the relaxation of sitting in the cabin, where the only sound that’s heard is the occasional crack from a piece of pine burning in the wood stove which brings a great deal of contentment.
The drifting smell of a wood fire reminds me of the cabin as I walk through the neighbourhoods of Fort Frances.
The river along Front Street is frozen over. As we walked along the pathway, our boots occasionally scuff the brick. The ice is a glass mirror and the pathway lights are reflected on the ice.
It is almost silent.
The stillness occasionally is broken by the roar of a truck delivering chips or wood to the mill. However, the stillness and quiet of the walk is wonderful.
Overhead, the diamonds sparkle.
Darkness in winter seems to surround us like a warm blanket. Walking along, we glance into the lights from homes. The lights at the doors are welcome signs.
I contrast all of this with our hectic lives. Research tells us that from the time we wake in the morning until our eyes close when our heads hit the pillow, we constantly are being bombarded with sound.
Clock radios wake us in the morning. Televisions turn on automatically, and begin delivering news and entertainment on the morning shows.
We jump into our vehicles and the radio is tuned to our favorite station. Our cellphones buzz or ring with the text from someone else, and we immediately respond.
We go to the gym and put on ear buds to have sound blasted at us.
We get to work and the hum of fans from our computers resonates through the office. Phones ring. Our computers bonk announcing new e-mail notices.
Sounds come from everywhere. Cars drive down the street with their windows up and you still can hear them coming a block away with the thumping of their stereos.
Silence never seems present.
Yet, in winter, snow deadens the sounds of the outdoors. There seems to be a stillness and quiet in the darkness of the night.

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