We’re slowly headed to spring

Well, we now have the long month of January in and we really had some pretty fair weather.
I always remember Nanny saying, “January is such a long cold month; it’s good to have it behind you!”
Bud and Charlie (my great-uncles) always made note that once you hit February, you should be halfway finished your winter feeding.
Either way, we are headed to spring and that sounds fine to me.
• • •
I’ve been getting up through the night for the past three weeks with my new friend, “Roxee,” but now the time has come to prowl around all hours of the day and night checking on cows.
I did find it interesting that my little Roxee friend didn’t think it was all that fun trucking to the barn in the middle of the night (maybe this will tire her out a bit more).
Playing with Maddie, Marlee, and “Kloee” certainly wears her down and allows me to get a few things finished without her tugging on my pants and socks or whatever she sees.
I’m not sure that she’ll be so patient to sit on a bale of hay/straw and wait for me as “Karma” was, so I’m coming up with a way to keep her in one spot in the barn when I am busy with calving.
Maddie and Marlee are getting excited for calving, as well. Marlee has not witnessed a calving yet so she is anxious to be able to see the same things that Maddie has.
We were lucky to have the girls for a couple of days and we did a fair bit of farming. They were helping get the calf pens ready and checking cows.
They both know what you have to look for and Mar told her mom that she can do chores all by herself now. It’s really amazing how much their little minds soak up!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner is trying to teach Roxee how to be an “antler hunter.” She has her own little deer shed and cruises around the house with it.
Her attention span isn’t that long yet but he has big dreams of her finding big sheds!
• • •
The Rainy River Hereford Association held a quick meeting to determine its executive.
Congratulations to Laura Pogmore, who will take over the reins of presidency for the coming year.
The board would like to put out some feelers to see if anyone would be interested in a breeding stock sale or cattle tour. If you have any comments or suggestions, get in touch with Laura by calling 487-1585 or via e-mail at laura.pogmore@gmail.com
• • •
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association is in the early planning stages of potentially bringing back Ag Days or maybe an Ag Day.
It’s been 10 years since we have had an event like this and the board, along with Gary Sliworsky, is working on putting something together.
Watch for more details as things progress.
• • •
We surprised Marg with a little house-warming shindig over the weekend. She had expected us the night before and tried to avoid going home!
We wish her all the best with her new place. It’s a big move to have been in the country for many years and then move into town!
• • •
If you interested in attending a sheep webinar this Saturday (Feb. 4) from noon-2:30 p.m., you must register by calling toll-free 1-800-461-6132.
The location is Emo, but they need to know numbers on who is going before they decide exactly where!
Everyone is welcome to attend.
• • •
A reminder that a memorial gathering for Dr. Jon Fistler is set for this Saturday (Feb. 4) from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Northridge Funeral Home in Emo.

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