Weather was great this summer, fall

I was able to summarize our weather data and we ended up with 2,493 Corn Heat Units, which is a bit more than normal (2,350).
Meanwhile, rainfall for May, June, July, August, and September was 280.4 mm (11.2 inches), well below the norm of 440.5mm (17.6 inches), so we really did have a great summer and fall.
Things may have started late, but it all picked up and turned out to be a wonderful season. Personally, other than the threat of forest fires and a lack of water, I sure do enjoy a dry year.
It is still very nice in the barnyard and bush despite having some small showers.
My unpaid farm hands are nearly finished hauling my manure out and the barnyard is looking very nice! I dream of being able to leave them “a list” while I drive off to work, but I haven’t got the feeling they are quite ready for that.
I am thankful to have two parents who are able to help me and who are willing to help me–even though they likely wonder many times why I do what I do (and the pay isn’t too great, either!)
• • •
I’m nearing the end of plowing here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. The little bit of precipitation we have received has made things a bit better.
The last outside job will be the bio-mass harvest while the newest trial involving miscanthus will be a fairly big job to tackle, as well.
That is what is great about this job, though. There is always something to learn and explore.
• • •
The benefit supper for George and Michael Rempel on Saturday night in Stratton was a success! The meal was delicious, and there was a large silent auction and bake sale!
It was good to see George looking so well, and we’re hoping Mike is home soon and is feeling better.
It’s great to live in such a supportive, generous community.
• • •
The final cattle sale of the year will be held this Saturday (Oct. 29) at the Stratton sales barn. Gemmell Lane is having a complete dispersal sale while Luke Ruppert is selling 12 bred heifers.
I understand there’s a chance some other breeding stock will there, as well. We also will see a good run of spring calves since many people have bumped back their breeding/calving season, so this is turning into a bigger sale than it started out to be.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Clayton Teeple a call at 487-1465 (home) or 275-8188 (cellphone). A reminder the sales barn phone number is 483-5354.
Take a drive out to Stratton this weekend, check out the sales barn, and have yourself some lunch and homemade pie! You don’t need to be a farmer to check things out—we would be happy to see you!
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is busy planning its annual fall dinner, which is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5 in Stratton.
If you would like tickets, just get in touch with any of the RRFA directors.
• • •
Alas, my cows still are battling sore feet. I talked it over with my vet cousin and she feels it is just that the cattle fought a dry year, which is very hard on their feet and it all just catches up on them.
I have a few cows that had two sore feet and really moved slowly. I’ve started to roll out some hay for them, so I’m hoping (because they don’t have to travel as far) that they will slowly improve.
• • •
Remember to wear orange this weekend–it is the opening of deer season here in farm country!
Hopefully, the new law about not hunting from the road will make things a little less busy.

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