Weather too nice for inside chores

Another summer-like week here in Rainy River District!
I had a big list of inside jobs (i.e., income tax) but I found myself not so interested in being inside. So “Roxee” and I pretty much walked around all our fences and replaced staples and wires as needed.
I was hoping she might be able to find herself a deer shed at the same time, but no luck yet.
“Roxee” certainly found all the exercise tiring and she was pleased each day when she finally would catch a glimpse of the house.
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association is pleased to announce that Philip Krahn has been hired for our sales barn manager position.
Clayton, of course, will give Philip as much help and direction as needed.
We are pleased that Philip is interested in working with us and all of the producers in Rainy River District. You can reach him at home at 852-4384 or his cell number is 1-218-434-0870.
Our spring sale is booked for Saturday, April 21. If you have any questions, get in touch with Philip.
With cattle prices on the upward swing, we are looking forward to a great, exciting year.
• • •
The Rainy River District Trappers Council hosted a great workshop over the weekend. They had a wonderful turnout and hats off to all those who organized and took the time to demonstrate their skills.
It was so nice to see so many young people out—this is a positive sign for the trapping industry.
Prices are seeing some increases in this industry, as well, which makes for some great optimism.
• • •
Just a reminder that we are planning a celebration for Eric Bush (the ag station research intern) and his new wife, Alisha, this Saturday (March 31) at the Back Alley Sports Bar in Emo.
We are hoping everyone will come out and have some good Rainy River District fun! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to a fun night!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and almost step-son started the most beautiful dog house you ever did see over the weekend.
“Roxee” is a very lucky puppy as it is big enough to be a playhouse for small kids.
We are trying to get things ready for her to stay home while I head back to work at the research station. She needs to have a safe, cool, dry place to hang out while I am at work.
While they were busy building, however, I had a close call with “Roxee.” We were just going for a walk and little did I know that she decided to follow a smell much too close to the sheep fence.
Because of the rain, the electric fence was working well and “Roxee” was wet and she got such a bad shock that it knocked her right out. It was terrible.
I carried her stiff little body back to the house and slowly she started to regain herself. It was nasty and I felt terrible. Thankfully, she seems to be more than fine and it didn’t set her back any.
I just hope that she remembers what happened, poor little thing!
• • •
Just a quick reminder that the Emo Agricultural Research Station will open next week.
If you have anything that you would like to see us to do some work on this year, be sure to let me know and we will work to see if we can make it happen!

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