Weather seems too good to be true to me

Does anyone else find this weather too good to be true?
It is getting pretty messy in the barnyard, and it is sounding like rain. Ugh.
I’m just concerned that winter will reappear and we will have to go through this all over again!
I’m also still awaiting five calves and to be honest, I enjoy checking them a lot more when the ground is stiff (it’s true, a farmer is never happy about the weather).
• • •
Back in Kingsford, we lost a neighbour this past week in the passing of Luella Hoskins, who was a kind, soft-spoken women.
She was the first person to offer me a cup of coffee (and I thought I was too young), she always had delicious “homemade” Hallowe’en treats (and mom liked to take us there because she always sent something for her, as well), and she was one of my competitors at the Emo Fall Fair—with our 10 honey-producing plant displays.
I admired the fact that she stayed on the farm right to the end. She was a lucky lady.
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Association held its annual awards dinner on Friday, which is a nice night to recognize our dedicated volunteers and members.
As always, we appreciated our Kiwanis friends who attended as well as their generous donation towards our awards night.
Shirley Morrish received her 30-year leader/volunteer award! Meanwhile, Sarah Truelove has now retired as a 4-H member and was given a Bernie Brown print in memory of her 4-H career.
The Degagne Award (beef member with high score total for the past three years) went to Kylie Nordin while the Leadership Award (sponsored by the Rainy River 4-H and TD Canada Trust) was won by Jolene Stahn.
We also presented awards to first-year members, six projects, 12 projects, 18 projects, and 24 projects.
Beef Club members received their breed awards. And this year was the first time in a few that we had a Vet Club, so each member was given a $25 gift certificate from the Nor-West Animal Clinic.
It was a nice chance to give something back to the clinic since they have been so supportive of our program.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association presented $25 gift certificates to first-year beef members towards the purchase of a new leather show halter.
Thanks to Freeda Carmody for marking our beef member books once again, and four members received a nice cheque from Safeway for their outstanding 4-H manuals.
Brianna Peloquin received the Ontario Plowmen’s Award. Not to mention the three members who participated directly in the program (thanks to Savannah Hughes, Luc Desserre, and Brock Vandenbrand–good job, kids).
Kim Desserre and her club did a great job decorating with very little time available. Kim also is planning on running a “Relay for Life” club and participating in the Rainy River “Relay for Life” event.
Mellissa Jensen was on hand to explain the event, and it looks like this will be something new and exciting for 4-H to be a part of (if you’re interested in participating with 4-H, please let Kim know).
We also had a couple of special guests, some future 4-H’ers. Twin boys all the way from Alberta were visiting and came out to enjoy their first 4-H banquet!
• • •
The Rainy River Valley Farm Safety Association is having its annual meeting on Monday (March 15) at 7 p.m. at the Emo Inn and everyone is encouraged to attend.
Two local guest speakers will be on hand to share their stories about being hurt on the farm.
We would be happy to have you join us!
• • •
Maddie and I were able to spend the day together this weekend to do some farming. It was fun; we brushed calves and played with the rabbit (“Mocha”).
Actually, we took Mocha visiting and then practised trying to make her walk on her lease.
Honestly, it is easier to train a cow to lead than a rabbit!

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