Water safety for your child

Recently, I was talking to a couple that returned from the Folk Festival in Winnipeg. They informed me of a tragedy they came upon. A child, who was just pulled from the water, was being work on by rescuers. The child never made it!
Childhood drowning and near-drowning can happen in a matter of seconds and typically occur when a child is left unattended or during a brief lapse in supervision. Small children can even drown in a bucket of water!
In Canada, there are the new boating safety regulations and equipment requirements that were introduced a while ago; and all of us have to adhere by. PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) and lifejackets are designed to be worn . . . they float, you don’t!
Here some general water safety tips:
•When swimming in a pool or lake/river, children always swim with a buddy and are always supervised by an adult or trained lifeguard;
•Wading pools are covered, preferably emptied when not in use;
•Swimming pools nearby are enclosed with a fence that your child cannot easily climb over;
•You take steps to prevent drowning by using approved lifejackets and PFD’s around water and follow safe water recreation practices.
•Young children are never, ever, left alone in the bathtub;
•Buckets of water are disposed of immediately after use.
•Tap water is set at a safe temperature. A setting of 120 Degrees Fahrenheit or less prevents scalding. Let the water run for three minutes before testing it;
•Toilet seats and lids are kept down when the toilet is not in use.
Fact: If you never need what you learn about personal safety, you have lost nothing.
If you never learn what you need, you may lose everything . . . your family and your life!
A friendly reminder to you and your family . . . make time for water safety!

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