Unpredictable weather makes cabin life interesting

The heap of laundry on the cabin floor says a lot about the last few days.
Clothes covered in mud are because we trenched ditches to redirect water flow. Long-sleeved shirts deterred biting bugs. Bathing suits kept us cool.
And wet clothes are because of leaping waves.
We were lucky enough to get some help with the incoming flood waters from some teenagers visiting us from out of town. Then we decided to take our guests on a boat ride to one of our favourite swim spots.
Our destination is an example of nature working in our favour. It’s a water shoot which links one lake to the next–perfect for body gliding.
We cheered in unison as the current pulled us along.
“What a perfect day for a boat trip,” one of our guests called out innocently.
But our bright solitude was about to end.
After the second water ride, in swooped the mosquitoes and deer flies.
“Let’s jump in the boat and blow away some of these bugs,” suggested my husband.
“What do you think about making our way back and stopping at Mile River for a wiener roast?” I asked as we all climbed in.
“I’m not sure about those scary clouds over there,” replied one of the responsible teens.
Still the sun remained bright so I was hopeful.
But in no more than 15 minutes, a witch’s broom of black clouds started to chase our little boat.
Like a scene from “Twister,” we were a fleck in the midst of nowhere. There was no lightning, however, so we continued on.
Then the wind and waves started popping us around like corn kernels.
“What a perfect day for a boat trip,” someone hooted sarcastically over the howling winds.
We all started laughing as we held on.
“Who wants to stop for a picnic?” chimed in someone else sarcastically.
By the time we arrived at the cabin, we were drenched, chilled, and happy to still have our teeth.
Everybody changed and we wrenched out the towels we used to protect us from the hitting waves.
Our helpful guests are gone now, but the laundry remains–enough to fill the bow of the boat.
It’s a testament to the changing weather and the huge heap of fun we’ve had over the last few days.

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