Uh, just what the heck day is this anyway?

We like to think of ourselves as adventurous, free-spirited, independent beings who long to go wherever the wind may take us. In reality, though, we’re really just pathetic creatures of habit; mired in the cozy security of “the ol’ routine.”
And nothing throws a curve ball into the “routine” worse than the dreaded mid-week holiday.
Hands up everyone who thought yesterday (Wednesday) was Monday? Just ask our advertising manager, Debbie Logan, who initially had labelled the dateline on each page of the Daily Bulletin as Monday, Jan. 2, 2002 (evidently she was too busy making sure she got the year right).
Just teasing, Deb.
But you can’t blame her, though. After all, Tuesday felt like Sunday because it was the New Year’s Day holiday, thus Wednesday felt like Monday. Yet Wednesday also felt like Tuesday because I had to work late getting ready for this week’s edition of the Times, which makes today (Thursday) feel like Wednesday.
Which means tomorrow (Friday) will feel like Thursday, unless it feels like Wednesday because Wednesday felt like Monday.
And that’s not even mentioning last week with the Tuesday/Wednesday holiday. Monday (Christmas Eve) felt like Monday because it came after Sunday, but it also felt like Friday because it fell before two days off work.
Which meant Thursday felt like Monday, given it fell after two days off work, but it also felt like Wednesday because we published last week’s Times that day, which meant Friday felt like Thursday, unless it felt like Tuesday because it was the second day of getting up in the morning to go to work.
Still with me?
Fortunately, tomorrow really is Friday, no matter how else it may “feel,” which means another weekend is practically upon us. Plus, we shouldn’t have to face another Tuesday/Wednesday, Tuesday holiday scenario for six or seven years (depending on leap year).
Then again, we shouldn’t complain, either. The “ol’ routine” will be back in full force come Monday (which will really feel like a Monday)—and it’s a long, cold, dreary stretch of almost three full months until our next holiday on Good Friday (March 29).
Besides, all this has given us good practice to be ready for the Wednesday/Thursday, Wednesday holiday season this coming December. Which means Monday will feel like Tuesday because we’ll be staying at the office late to put out the Times the following day, which will make Christmas Eve feel like Wednesday (unless it feels like Friday because it falls before a two-day break from work).
And then Friday will feel like Monday because it falls after a two-day break from work.
Ditto for the following week, except that Thursday will feel like Monday because New Year’s Day (Wednesday) will again feel like a Sunday. Which, by logical extension, means Friday will feel like Tuesday.
You can thank me later for giving you a 51-week warning—right after your head has stopped spinning. In the meantime, Happy New Year, everyone!

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