Town to talk more with Resolute

Duane Hicks

The Town of Fort Frances is expecting to have a more open line of communication with Resolute Forest Products going forward.
Mayor Roy Avis wrote a letter to new Resolute CEO and president Yves Laflamme last month, and the company has been very responsive.
Mayor Avis told the Times he had a good meeting last Friday with Resolute’s vice-president of forest products operations, Michael Martel, and will have continued dialogue in the months to come.
The next meeting is set for mid-May.
“It was a general discussion but at least we had a discussion,” Mayor Avis remarked, adding both parties agreed to stay in contact so the town has a better idea of what’s happening with the mill than it has of late.
Resolute has been actively marketing its shuttered mill here but has been unable to find a purchaser so far.
Mayor Avis said it’s important the town will have forewarning if Resolute ever decides to dismantle the mill.
“In the long run, if they decide to take the facility down or do something with it, as a large taxpayer within our community, we’d like to have some lead time or something we could do as we move forward,” he remarked.
“If they were going to dismantle major components in the community, it would make tremendous difference on our tax base,” Mayor Avis added.
“That transposes to a budget issue and a lot of residents could see an increase in taxes.
“We have to keep in contact and know where we’re going so we can make the right decision for the future,” he reasoned.