Too nice to work indoors

What an amazing summer like week we just had! My only complaint is that I am getting further and further behind on my data as it is just too difficult to sit at the computer when it is that nice outside.
I still have attempted to plough as I am expecting my little tractor to have a difficult time, but I many hook it up this week sometime.
Some of our soybeans are ready to harvest and our bio-mass crops are still a month or so away from harvest.
I hired a new helper this week so it will be nice to have a couple of people working again.
• • •
A small committee gathered to organize the potential bus trip to Agribition in November.
The current plan is to leave Wednesday, Nov. 23 and return on Sunday, Nov. 27.
We are hoping to have enough people sign up that the bus cost will be completely covered and participants will pay for their own rooms.
If there are not enough people to rent a bus—we also would consider renting a couple vans.
Please book your seat with Angela Halverson at 274-3276 or or Kim Jo at 482-2863 or
Agribition is a wonderful event and is definitely worth checking out.
• • •
I have mentioned my little farmer friend before in my moos—Bradley.
Many of you likely seen him at the Emo Fair with his special little calf, “Johnny.”
Bradley loves farming, agriculture and the fair.
He had many guests come and pet Johnny throughout the fair weekend.
By the end of the weekend he had some many visitors that he decided to charge; it was $1 to pet Johnny and $2 to walk him.
He is quite an entrepreneur. He overheard me talking about our farm tour that we held a couple of weeks ago and he hollered from the back seat of his dads truck: “Kimmie, is that farm tour after school?”
It makes me feel good that we have such great interest in such a young fellow!
• • •
There has been lots of press regarding 9/11 this week and the 10th anniversary. I can’t believe it has been 10 years.
My mom’s birthday is Sept. 11. I can still remember trying to celebrate her birthday 10 years ago—and feeling so horrible for all the families that had their entire world shaken.
It broke my heart to think to hear the stories of the kids that were dropped off and daycare never to see their parents again.
Let’s hope that we never have to face tragedy like this ever again.
We celebrated my mom’s birthday again yesterday and were reminded of how lucky we are to have such a great family and community to live, work and play in.
It was very nice to have my vet cousin, Stacey, home with her little boy, Callen. Mar Mar wasn’t sure why Callen was at Auntie Kimmie’s house though!
• • •
Another cousin, Kyla, had a busy weekend with her birthday and getting married to Dale Hartlin.
Wishing them both the best and many happy years.
• • •
The Rainy River Hereford Association is hosting a potluck/picnic lunch on Sunday, Sept. 18 at the Emo Lions Park.
Everyone is welcome.
The Rainy River Hereford Association will provide the meat and the rest will be potluck!
Take the time to come and visit and share some stories about our wonderful summer!

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