To hibernate or innovate…

Jack Elliott
Rainy River correspondent

With the combination of Covid-19 Travel restrictions, winter and the isolation of Northwestern Ontario, local residents have two very clear choices. Do you hide yourself from the world by digging a hole and pulling the entrance closed behind you? Or do you innovate by sticking your head out looking and creating opportunities for yourself and others right here in our own communities.Here are what some creative minds have come up with in Rainy River.

Ice Time

Get that Arena opened up and the blades flashing on the Ice. Everyone knows it takes lots of bucks to pay for the power to run the ice plant. So do you sit and whine? No, you figure out how to raise some bucks! The Rainy River Trail of Terror is a smash hit that has raised several thousand by an innovative programme to scare the wits out of you. Running through the end of October, it is totally sold out providing a great Halloween experience you did not have to cross one border to enjoy. Kudos to the RR Rec Board.

The Little Old Lady from Rainy River!


As the hit song by Jan & Dean from 1964 says “nobody can beat her”. It may not be a “new super stock Dodge in her garage” but it is a well preserved 1987 Nissan Micra. Val Grant bought her car in 1987 when she retired. Her little car was tucked away in the garage each winter. Val has now decided she no longer wishes to drive and at 98 years young, that’s OK. Val’s last drive was this past spring out to Morson. She loves that drive and scenery! Val has decided to auction her car and have the proceeds go to the Rainy River Hospital. Just a little way to carry on the goodness of her little car

Bidding on the Val’s car has topped $2,100 so far with an additional three businesses, Brielman Agriculture, North End Farms, and Tait Contracting each donating an additional $1000 to the charity auction. Check it out on Facebook at Nissan Micra Charity Auction

Val Grant is a true little old Lady, with the emphasis on Lady!


Getting into the swing of things


Want to improve your game this winter but chasing red golf balls through the snow drifts while avoiding frostbite and the mad coyote hazard too challenging? How about the proposed Rainy River Virtual Golf Simulator. A committee of the Rainy River Rec Board is working on purchasing and operating a virtual golf course for winter golfers…

These simulators provide a very real golfing experience as players drive the real ball into a ‘screen where sensors calculate the direction, distance and accuracy of the shot. You can watch the ‘flight’ of the ball on the screen with the background of actual championship courses. This technology has exploded into the world of golf providing realistic play for enthusiasts at very modest costs

The Rainy River Virtual Golf Committee is raising the $20,000 capital cost of the system through membership subscription.

If we can provide the Rec Committee with the information that we have ample support from people that would purchase a 5 hour usage “punch card” in advance, the Committee has indicated that they would order the equipment. We expect that delivery and installation shouldn’t take too long and we could have most of the winter to enjoy virtual golf while we are waiting for spring!” says Committee Member Laurie Pentney on the Rainy River Virtual Golf Facebook page.

The RRVG Simulator would be set up in the upstairs meeting room of the Rainy River Rec Centre

For more information or to order your membership please contact