Time to tackle spring checklist

By Gary Sliworsky,
Ag rep, Emo

We are only a couple of days away from the first day of spring and things will be getting really busy soon (assuming the snow keeps melting).
Have you made your checklist of things to do? Here are some items which should be on your list:
•Ensure all changes to your crop insurance coverage for 2008 are made before the May 1 deadline.
•Plan your fertilizer/spray program now. If you have soil test results, get them out and plan the type of fertilizer which needs to be applied to each field.
That bright spring morning, when you go out to the field for the first time, is not the time to try and decide what fertilizer to use.
•Prepare all your equipment and machinery for fieldwork.
If you didn’t get around to it at the end of last season, replace all worn or broken parts. Check hydraulic hoses and grease all bearings.
As well, be safety conscious and check all protective shields and make sure they are secure. If there are any missing, make a point of replacing them.
•Make plans for your chemical storage. Where will you store full and empty chemical containers in the busy spring season?
Prepare a place now where chemicals can be properly stored, preferably under lock and key.
•Take stock of what replacement parts you have in your machine shed. Try and make a list of machinery parts which you were continually replacing last year (chances are that similar parts, such as shear bolts, cultivator teeth, knives, machine bolts, etc., will need replacing this year).
Make a list of these items, then go to the machinery dealer to purchase this list of machinery parts now. This will save a lot of extra trips and time later on.
On the same note, livestock producers should take stock of supplies purchased on a weekly or regular basis. Once planting time gets closer, make one trip to the feed supplier and acquire supplies for the next month or more.
These items would include salt, mineral, supplements, and veterinary supplies.
Remember, planning saves time!

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