The rain can ease off now

So the rain finally came. Now we need to cross our fingers now that it will leave again!
Here at the agriculture research station, we had just about two inches. But I’ve heard that others received more and, of course, some less.
I’m not sure how much I had at home, but I do know the barnyard went from being dry and dusty to wet, deep, and sloppy.
In a perfect world, the rain would stop now for a week or so and the sun would shine warmly (it seemed rather cool Monday morning).
I’m sure hoping those weeks of nice weather in April wasn’t our summer!
• • •
I took Friday morning off and stayed home to sort cattle and get my bulls out. It seemed I waited for the rain (it would be too easy to move cattle if it wasn’t wet and sticky).
It actually went pretty well—only a few times did I need my mouth washed out with soap.
I went and picked up my new bull at Cornell’s and brought him home to meet his new girlfriends.
Maddie already had given me permission to allow “Darma” (her favourite heifer) to get bred this spring. She had to think about it, though.
• • •
So the reason I had to take Friday morning off to sort cattle was because I was busy all weekend with the trapping course!
No, my boyfriend/partner did not make me take the course, I decided all on my own.
To be very honest, I really enjoy trapping and being in the bush. But by no means do I plan to be the #1 beaver skinner.
I don’t make Clayton shovel manure, so he won’t be making me skin beaver.
The course is two full weekends and so far is very interesting. And there is a great group of people taking it (it’s so nice to see young people interested in this pastime).
My almost step-son is taking it, as well. He is so lucky to be my partner and help me with my skinning—we shared a beaver and both did a muskrat.
I’ll be honest. I put a hole in both the beaver and the muskrat!
I guess if I don’t get too good at it, there will be no chance of me being the skinner!
• • •
I had to rush on Saturday night to leave from the trapping course in Nestor Falls to make it to Maddie’s dance recital in Fort Frances!
It was a very nice evening with some talented dancers. Of course, the little kids are priceless.
• • •
The 4-H beef clubs now are getting started, and we are in the process of getting our tickets printed for a chance to win some of this great meat.
We have three beef clubs: Devlin, Emo and Stratton. Most of the kids have been feeding their steers all winter and now are in the process of training them.
We are lucky to have such a strong beef program—and even luckier to have the support of the community and surrounding areas in purchasing the kids’ projects every year during the Emo Fair.
Mark you calendar now for the Emo Fair (Aug. 19-21).

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