Support appreciated

Dear editor:
The Get Outdoors Club, led by Henry Miller, is not just sports for boys but also for girls.
We do things like archery, nature hikes, fishing, sleep-outs, survival camp-outs, bake sales, building, painting, and cleaning birdhouses, and sometimes even shooting hand guns and rifles with Willy Anderson.
We have been having annual birdhouse and bake sales for years now, and we had been planning one for this year for about two weeks.
We had to plan who was making what, and where and when it would take place. Planning the “five W’s” was one part, but baking was another and then, of course, arranging the shifts.
In the end, it was a big success. Not only did we help the Get Outdoors Club, which is part of the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club, but we also donated half the money raised to the “Building for the Future” fundraising campaign for a new library in town.
We would like to thank everyone for donating and buying at our bake sale. We also appreciated that some people brought in beer bottles and pop cans.
So thank you because you have helped our club—and also the new library with our donation to them of $200.
Julianna Donaldson
Get Outdoors Club