Summer students kept stuck inside thanks to weather

I’m sure hoping that April wasn’t our summer! The weather certainly has been nasty this past week–wet, cool, and frost many of the mornings.
We now need heat not only to dry things up, but to help with those little seeds that are in the ground.
I have some spotty emergence on the seed I do have in the ground.
My summer students started last week and that always seems to be the way. Once the kids start, we are stuck inside and it is tough to explain how and why we do things from inside the building.
This year, I have Morey Green, a University of Guelph student, and Justin Bujold, who is attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.
It is tough with two new students but if the weather straightens up, I’m sure I will have them whipped into shape in no time.
• • •
I passed the trapping course (both me and my almost stepson).
Two straight weekends was a lot of time, I tell ya. I’ll now have to really give ’er on some of my evening farming hours to get things back on track again.
Weekends are very important when you are working all week and many nights are tied up at a meeting. Oh well, it was a great course and great people.
Frank and Donna King from Oxdrift do a wonder job of teaching, and sharing their experiences and knowledge. This course is not offered every year, so if you are at all interested, you should give them a call and get your name on a list.
So now that I’m a trapper, I can let you know the Rainy River District Trappers Council is having a meeting this Friday (May 14) at 7 p.m. at the Devlin Hall.
You should try to attend to find out what’s happening!
• • •
Like I said, last week was a rough and busy one. Too many meetings and not enough sleep, which results in even less patience taxing what little patience I already have.
Did you ever notice when you have very little patience that it rubs off on the people you are closest to? My mom has a computer and even though she is doing okay (even on Facebook), she still seems to run into troubles (although some of it is caused by the fact she only has dial up).
This past week, it seemed it was daily. She reminded me of my younger years–you know, when you are a kid, in trouble and guilty, and look at your mom and say, “I don’t know how that happened” or “It wasn’t me!”
This is now what my mom does with her computer and me (I now understand why she wanted to smack me when I gave her those comments).
She somehow managed to lose all her icons–there wasn’t one left on her monitor.
I said, “I don’t know how the heck you did this.” She responded with “I didn’t do anything!”
That’s right—icons just leave the computer all on their own!
After working on my mom’s computer one night, I went home to find my Internet down and then spending 73 minutes on the phone to try and get it running again.
I was ready to explode. Ended up staying up very late–all just to get some 4-H work done!
Anyway, we think we got my mom all straightened out again and I am hoping that since she will be retiring soon, she will try and take another computer course (that might have been a good Mother’s Day gift).
My dad booked them a country music weekend for Mother’s Day, with the camper, but I’m not sure how they will be able to go because no dogs are allowed in the campground.
Happy Mother’s Day to our awesome mother and all the others out there, as well.
• • •
Jeff and Kerry Hyatt made a quick trip home from Alberta over the weekend to surprise their parents, Shawn and Tracy Hyatt, with a 25th wedding anniversary party!
It was a nice evening, and we wish them many more happy years together!

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