Student safety a top priority at Donald Young School vaccine clinic

Throughout today and tomorrow, April 9 and 10, the gym of Donald Young school in Emo is the site of a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.
It was designed through a consultative partnership with Donald Young School staff and the Northwestern Health Unit, with student and staff safety as the top priority, according to Jon Begg, Communications and Public relations Specialist for the NWHU. 
The NWHU acknowledges concerns expressed regarding safety with the site, said Begg. But he assures families and the public, every precaution has been taken to prevent contact between the general public and the school community.
“All prevention measures are being strictly followed and separate entrances are being used so there is absolutely no contact between the clinic patrons and staff and our students and staff,” said Begg.
Over spring break, the site will be completely sanitized and deep cleaned, in accordance to Ministry of Education protocols.
The community immunization site is an important part of the region's immunization roll-out, noted Begg.
“Please know that by offering this space, it is helping Emo residents protect themselves from COVID-19,” he said. “We hope you can support this effort and be assured that your student is at no increased risk due to this clinic.”