Still waiting for the other shoe to drop

Wow, how about this weather? It was all I could do to not drag out the summer furniture.
But even though I’m not as bad as my mother or my brother, my superstitious ways tell me that I will totally jinx myself!
The weather really plays with my mind. I find myself almost getting panic attacks thinking about all the spring work there is to do, then I look at the date and I realize it is only mid-March.
I only have two more weeks of full-time farming and then it’s back to work I go at the research station.
I certainly have been getting lots of seeding questions already since the weather certainly gets people thinking about the upcoming growing season! I just hope we don’t end up with winter in April and May (and we certainly have before).
• • •
After spending the March Break in Las Vegas, Maddie and Marlee came to spend the weekend farming!
Maddie was pleased that she saw Holsteins from the plane when landing in Vegas, and she also saw some fellow farmers there.
When I asked how she knew they were farmers, she told me “they were walking around with cowboy hats.”
Both girls were full of information on all that they had seen and enjoyed in Vegas!
But back at the farm, the girls were pleased that we spent most of our time outside playing with “Roxee,” the playhouse, and Ross & Darby and their 4-H steers. It also was Bradley’s eighth birthday party!
Who needs Vegas when country life if so jammed pack with fun!
I’m happy that the girls are making so many country friends that they will be able to grow up and visit with over the years!
• • •
Poor little “Roxee” likely will take all week to recuperate from all her exercise! She was a busy little puppy!
My boyfriend/partner decided to take her on her first shed hunt! They were not successful but both enjoyed a walk in the bush.
“Roxee” already has learned to sleep in and keep her eyes tightly shut when she hears you awake in the morning!
• • •
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association strongly is considering purchasing a manure spreader to rent out to the farmers of Rainy River District.
But in order for them to have a considerable down payment, they are looking for potential users to purchase their days in advance.
The cost to rent this machine is $200 per day.
If you are interested in booking your days, and helping out with this, give Ted Zimmerman a call at 487-2538.
A big thank you to Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association for taking on this project and helping out our agriculture community!
• • •
The Rainy River District Trappers Council is hosting a workshop this Saturday (March 24) beginning at 9 a.m. at Donald Young School in Emo.
Everyone is welcome, and it sounds like it’s going to be a great day with various demonstrations and information!
• • •
Many of you will remember Eric Busch, the intern who worked out of the research station here for a couple of years.
Well, he was married in February and he and his new wife, Alisha, are planning a visit here on the last weekend of March. We are planning a little celebration for the two of them on March 31!
The details are not quite worked out, but I will be passing along that information as soon as I have it.
Still, mark the date down now and plan to come out and celebrate!

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