Steps taken aim to help keep Canadians informed

Quick access to information is the best way to ensure Canadians are kept informed of where the federal government is focusing its attention and on how best to access the many services it has available.
In today’s world, the daily pressures that some of us face can make it quite understandable why some Canadians are unable to be kept informed.
Recently, the federal government introduced a better way of delivering information to Canadians. With the use of modern technology, delivering information and services can be literally at the fingertips of Canadians.
That is why this government created Service Canada, a government on-line initiative to provide one-stop access to federal programs, services and information. This initiative is a priority as reaffirmed in the recent throne speech.
In today’s world, we want better, faster, and more efficient access to the federal government. Through Service Canada, you simply call the toll-free 1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232) line.
This service offers quick and up-to-date information on more than 1,000 programs and services which cover some 150 federal government departments, agencies, and Crown Corporations, including boards and councils.
It is now possible for Canadians to get the information they need–when they need it–by simply picking up the telephone and asking for assistance.
Many people still like to talk to a live person instead of a machine and you still can by taking advantage of information and services offered through Service Canada Access Centres in federal government offices located across the country.
Access centres also can be found in locations such as post offices, libraries, and community centres.
Delivering government information and services over the Internet in the comfort of your home also is becoming faster and easier. The Canada Site location available over the Internet is
To date, Canadians now have access to more than 450 federal government sites for on-line users looking for information. You can now take advantage of having information sent directly to you through e-mail lists.
This service includes up-to-date information regarding weather forecasts from Environment Canada, or even information and notices sent to you regarding health issues such as food recalls, plus the latest news from Health Canada.
In today’s world, accessing information has never been as simple–you may either pick up the telephone or simply type on your keyboard. Sourcing information and services from the government has never been easier.
I encourage you to explore, stay in touch, and become more involved in your government’s business by utilizing these new improved services. Please keep in touch and stay informed.

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