Spring weather sure has arrived

Well, spring certainly felt as though it arrived over the weekend and I’m hearing only warmer temperatures are in store for this coming weekend.
Monday’s drizzle certainly made things feel more like spring—icy and messy in the barn yard. But I’m sure those people experiencing water problems are welcoming some wet weather in hopes of getting things flowing again.
Nine years ago we were in Las Vegas attending my brother’s wedding. It was 80 degrees F there and minus-40 here.
Our poor friends and family who were looking after things for us were trying to thaw everything out while we were buying sandals because it was too hot for shoes.
This year, however, there’s only a four or five degrees difference between Vegas and Emo.
• • •
I’m still waiting on four cows to calve, and it’s looking like three of them are planning to hold out until the last possible day.
I was feeling sorry for my young calves last week in the nasty stormy winds and snow. These extreme temperature changes and dampness certainly is a recipe for unhealthy animals.
Many of us winter-time calvers are ending while many spring-time calvers are just beginning so I wish you all good weather and good luck.
I’m trying to start planning my breeding season again. I have plans to purchase a bull, but I think in order to take some pressure off of my bulls, I’m going to plan to do some AI (artificial insemination) this year, as well.
I will start breeding around the first of May, but time will go fast since things start to get busy at Emo research station, as well.
We should be expecting to see some lambs in early April, too. I will just get the barn cleaned up from calving in time to put our expecting ewes in.
• • •
I was able to venture out and attend a couple of workshops last week—well, parts of them. By the time I finish chores and then have to leave early for chores, I missed a good part of both of them.
It is good to see some exciting things happening in our district—from tree-planting to food security. I am starting to “wean” myself off of my cows and trust that I don’t need to be there all the time!
“Roxee,” meanwhile, is going to have to learn to “wean” herself off of me since the ag station opens on April 1. She might be able to go to work for the first little while but she will have to learn to stay home—alone!
• • •
One of my good friends turned 39 last Friday. Many of you will know her (she was, at one time, one of the shiest little girls you ever did see).
She may not be nearly as shy now, but I still would like to wish her a very happy birthday and hoping her 39th year is the best one yet!

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