Spring is the season for fun, laughter

Spring is the season for fun and laughter. The season when you walk among the crocuses and daffodils, and remember the fun of picking flowers in the woodlands of your childhood.
Adder’s-tongues and Dutchman’s-breeches and nosegays of violets. And beautiful white trillium blossoms–before you knew that picking its flower would ruin the plant forever.
Spring is the season to take walks and smile at your neighbours. To begin stocking up on candy for the Easter egg hunt. And to go on a Good Friday breakfast at the park with your Sunday School class–with good food and good fellowship.
Spring is the season to make maple syrup, and to remember how much fun it was as a child to check the maple trees and taste the sweetness of sap. And to savour the delightful taste of fresh maple syrup on your pancakes.
Spring is the season to become a child again and splash in the puddles. To take a walk in the gentle rain without an umbrella.
Yes, indeed, spring is made for fun and laughter.
Then, with all that brightness and lightness in life, why was I so depressed yesterday? I hated to get out of the house. I cried at the drop of a hat. I felt as gloomy as the rainy weather. And I remembered my usually sunny mother often saying she felt depressed during the spring.
Especially late in life, after she moved to tornado alley to be near her children.
Like life, spring is made up of sunshine and clouds. Of beautiful days and raging tornadoes. Of daffodils and tulips, and apple blossoms bitten by a late frost.
You can always find plenty of things to be depressed about, if you choose. Or, as my mother used to, you can do something about it. She often said, “When you are depressed, bake some cookies.” And then she would find a friend to share them with.
Fun and laughter do not come without a price in the spring of the year, or any other time. No one can prevent the clouds and storms of life but you can stop yourself from succumbing to them.
You can choose laughter instead of tears. You can bake cookies and associate with happy people. You can put on a happy face–you’d be surprised how different you will feel.
Appreciate small pleasures. Smile a lot. Enjoy the here and now. Walk outside. Pick a flower. Breathe deeply. Try to open your mind to new avenues of joy. And laugh.
In fact, laughing may be the best possible action you can take to improve both your mental and physical health. Recent research indicates a good belly laugh may be as effective as an apple a day at keeping the doctor away.
Researchers at Loma Linda University have shown that laughing lowers blood pressure, increases muscle tone, boosts the immune system, and induces a sense of euphoria. Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan say the health dividends are multiplied for those who indulge regularly in big belly laughs.
Dr. Edward Dunkelblau, president of the therapeutic humour association, says of laughter it is “inexpensive and has no negative side effects.” And he goes on to say, “It’s fun to laugh.”
So there you have it. You can waste the gloomy, stormy days of spring feeling sorry for yourself if you choose to. Or you can choose the fun and laughter of spring. The choice is up to you.

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