Soil temperature very warm for this time of year

I’ve officially opened up the ag research station here in Emo for 2010.
I don’t have a lot of details on upcoming plans since my first day was just last Thursday (April 1) and it takes most of the day just getting things plugged in and charged up.
There is a lot to do at the beginning of the year just getting files transferred and ready for the new season.
I was lucky to ease back into work, though, only working one day and then being off for the Easter weekend.
I did run out quickly and take a soil temperature. It already was at eight C, which is simply amazing for this time of the year (that is at about six inches and in black soil).
I have planted much later in cooler soil temperatures.
Apparently around Verner, near North Bay, Ont., there are many farmers getting seed into the ground.
There is nothing wrong with planting this early, but my fear is the weather turning wet and the seed floating away or rotting.
The earliest I had seed in the ground at the Emo station was April 22.
• • •
I took “Mocha” (my rabbit) into the Fort Frances Nursery School last Tuesday and I think everyone enjoyed it (even Mocha).
Maddie had been told so much that she had to share Mocha that I think she was afraid to touch her too much.
Meanwhile, it was Marlee’s first day at nursery school and she seemed to handle it quite well.
• • •
I had some company the other day for a nice visit. It just so happened I had a cow calving, so they were able to experience that (I don’t think any of them had seen this before).
It also just so happened that it was one of the cows that decided to deliver the calf standing up! This doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then.
All was fine with everyone, and my company got to leave with something new to talk about.
It is difficult to predict when you are going to have a calf. I’ve had people come and spend the entire day, and not until their car is leaving the driveway will someone decide to go into labour.
So I am finished now—my last calf finally arrived! But while another calving season has closed for me, many others are just going to get started.
Good luck to everyone!
• • •
“We” officially finished the playhouse and have it nestled into the chosen location. It is adorable and the girls love it.
My boyfriend/partner put in a sliding window at the back of the playhouse, and it had been heavily used for a “drive-thru” window. Many orders were placed over the weekend.
I’ve sent out a few pictures showing everyone our new playhouse, and someone wrote back to say they thought Maddie and Marlee were rather “fortunate.”
• • •
Stacey, my vet cousin, finally gave birth to her firstborn–a son, Callen David—last Tuesday (March 30).
Stacey was becoming very impatient for his arrival. She and her husband leave in Steinbach, Man. and she works as a vet at the Winnipeg Humane Society.
He was a big boy, weighing in at eight pounds, 10 oz., but everyone is doing just fine!
Maddie and Marlee will share the playhouse with Callen, as well!

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