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For those of us in Sunset Country who like to fish, we truly don’t know how lucky we are.
The world-class fishing options for multi-species really is off the charts. On Lake of the Woods alone, we have trophy fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, musky, crappie, lake trout, perch, whitefish, and burbot.
There are more options, as well. For numbers, 100-fish days for some of these species are possible, and in many cases normal, on waters across the region.
We have the best fishing in the world on our doorstep.
The World Fishing Network currently is running an online contest to find the Ultimate Fishing Town in Canada—and Nestor Falls is in a fight with the town of Port Alberni, B.C. to capture the crown.
To win, Nestor Falls needs to receive the most votes online at
We need as many people as possible to go online and vote.
If Nestor Falls wins, they will receive a $25,000 community donation that will be helpful for supporting future events, promoting tourism, and improving infrastructure there.
Beyond Nestor Falls, communities across Sunset Country, especially those on Lake of the Woods, will benefit if they win. Major exposure from WFN and other national media will bring a lot of attention to the area.
The rules state a person can vote once every 12 hours, and to vote they need to include an e-mail address. If you can find the time to vote, check with other e-mail contacts you have to see if you can vote for them, as well.
It is important that all of us in Sunset Country help Nestor Falls pull this off.
When you consider how significant the tourism industry is to the economy across the region, any added exposure and promotion is a good thing. People need to understand that most of the folks who visit Sunset Country throughout the year come here to fish.
Millions of dollars are brought into all our communities from both Canadian and American tourists.
There are many reasons that people travel to fish our waters. As I stated earlier, the multi-species options are second to none. Fishing options abound for both trophy fishing as well as high numbers opportunities for a variety of species.
Anglers also have the ability to fish in remote settings, and on some waters they may not see another boat all day.
There is always a season open for some fish—no matter what time of year it is. There is always something biting on the water or under the ice.
The tournaments and competitive events are some of the best in North America. I follow bass and walleyes tournaments everywhere with keen interest and we have some of the biggest and best open, team tournaments anywhere, especially when you look at major events like the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and Kenora Bass International.
Nearly every community hosts their own event, and they all draw significant local participation as well as attracting many out-of-town contestants.
Bass anglers looking to test their luck this weekend can take part in the annual Shoal Lake Last Chance tournament this Saturday and Sunday.
Tournament hours are from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. each day. The entry fee is $300, and anglers can sign up on Saturday morning at the boat check.
The weather, though cool, looks pretty good for the weekend.
The fish are biting so expect to see some big catches. This tournament probably offers up the best fishing of any bass tournament all season.
So if you are thinking about trying your luck in a bass tournament, this is the place to do it.

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