Mr. Editor/Publisher:
Thank you for your fine editorial a few weeks ago about the six girls involved in the video. It is amazing how the media in Canada is so thorough by listening to both sides and giving a non-bias report.
You implied a lot about these girls, and what could and probably should be done. You were very careful to add that “if” this story is true, then basically they deserve what they get for what they did to the communities.
Well, this is what they got. Suspended from the Muskie girls’ hockey team, one of them was suspended from school for five days; others were assaulted in the school, thrown into lockers, received hate e-mails, and much, much more.
I wonder is this what you meant?
Back to the video. Did you know that the video was stolen? That the person(s) edited it, doctored it up to his or her liking, and then released it to the Internet world to see what would fall out.
Well, Mr. Editor/Publisher, you fell out. A man bent on selling papers instead of writing the truth or caring about the recklessness towards these girls.
You failed to mention the Macerena dance the girls did. Why was that? Because you did not see the real video, did you? Nor has the high school, for that matter.
All that really mattered was selling papers. Not once did you even phone or ask any of these girls or their parents for their side of the story, did you? Seeing that you had the names of them, which someone added to the stolen video.
Well, do not call now!
This, by the way, is a private video and is none of your business.
In your next paper, you probably will have all kinds of excuses for what was written. If you have a heart, you may possibly say you’re sorry, and that this was in no way meant to hurt anyone or for anyone to be attacked.
Well, Mr. Editor/Publisher, that is what these girls have been saying, if you would have cared to ask or listen. Why would we believe you if you had the courage to actually say that?
Thank God that the First Nation communities have seen this for what it was and have forgiven all these girls. My sincere thanks to all. Meegwetch.
Shame on you, Mr. Editor/Publisher, and the media. Enjoy your money.
Shame on you, Mr. McCabe, for convicting these girls on a stolen, edited, and doctored video. This is Canada and even the most horrifying criminals cannot be convicted based on a stolen, edited, and doctored video.
Some countries would be proud of this, but Canada certainly should not be.
Andrea Kennett