Scratch ticket scam returns to region


Police are warning of an old scam, which has resurfaced in area mailboxes this week.

Appearing to be a “Match 3” scratch ticket, the cards are not from ESSO at all, and are actually linked to a high pressure sales scam.

“This is a scam. This company clearly preys on people by misrepresenting themselves,” said Sargent Mike Golding, OPP. “The tickets do NOT make clear that they are not a real lottery and they do NOT clearly identify the “scratch tickets” as promotional / marketing material only. They are used to lure people into listening to their high pressure sales pitch and then bully them into purchasing high end ‘home care’ products.”

“You notice they do not use the official ESSO logo on the card,” Golding added.

The public is being cautioned to not call the phone number on the ticket, or engage with the company in any way.