Safe driving critical on rail crossings

David Thorne
CN Police
Prairie Division

Last year in North America, there were over 3,400 collisions with trains, resulting in over 2,200 serious injuries or fatalities.

Rail safety is a core value at CN and CN Police wants to be a part of the effort to minimize the risk of accidents related to winter driving.

This winter, chances are that locally, people will face some challenging driving conditions. Freezing rain, snow, sleet and whiteouts can make winter driving downright dangerous.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there is a spike in railway crossing incidents during the winter months. Reducing the likelihood of being in a serious car accident at a railway crossing in winter starts with proper planning and knowing some rail-safety basics.

Safety is a core value at CN and we want to take every opportunity to raise awareness on safe behaviour around rail. It is our job to make sure that the locals know that the risk of being involved in a railway crossing incident is higher during winter months. It is important for CN Police officers to engage the population on the dangers related to a railway incident.

We want everyone to Be Rail Smart; Stop. Look. Listen. Live.