Runner hosting spaghetti supper

On Sunday, June 17, local “Joints in Motion” participant Bill Michl will be having a Father’s Day Speghetti Dinner at the KC Hall between 5-7 p.m.
The cost is $10 each, with proceeds going to the Arthritis Society.
The funds raised stay in local society’s area and are used to help the one in five Northwestern Ontario residents who suffer from this cripping desease.
The money is used for research and aids to help make life easier for young and old alike.
The Arthritis Society also helps to fund joint replacement surgeries, such as artificial knees and hips, and offers a wide range of services to those who suffer from the many different kinds of arthritis.
Michl will be running a marathon on the Great Wall of China in May, 2008 and has pledged to raise $6,300 for the Arthrits Society.
The “Joints in Motion” program has the participant run on behalf of a local “hero”—a person who suffers from arthritis to an extent that it has greatly changed their lifestyle or abilities.
Michl is running for local “hero” Gaby Hanzuk, who suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis, which affects her hands and ankles, causing swelling and pain now, but could progress to crippling and deforming the joints.
When younger, Hanzuk did figure skating, gymnastics, and track, and was quite athletic. Now her physical activities are very limited to leisure walks on good days and bike riding.
She also has been restricted as to the type of work she can do, but is not the kind of person to sit still and rely on others around her—she also is a very active volunteer in the community.
Her attitude is that she can delay some of the affects by remaining active.
Please come out and support this very worthwhile cause.
More Information can be found by phoning the Arthritis Society’s information hotline at 1-800-321-1433.
Those wishing to donate to Michl’s “Joints in Motion” run can call 274-1329 or mail to Bill Michl, 344 3rd St. W., Fort Frances, Ont., P9A 3A7 (make cheques payable to The Arthritis Society).
Or go online to