Rendez-Vous finishes first round of room renovations

Ken Kellar

The leaves on the trees aren’t the only thing in town with a new look this fall.
La Place Rendez-Vous has recently completed a round of renovations on some of the oldest rooms in their building, in order to provide fresh and modern amenities to the customers who stay with them.
General manager Sarah Noonan explained that planning for the project has been ongoing for the past two years and is just one of the items on her list to tackle at the long-running business.
“We have such a big facility, so we sort of have different phases for the next 10 years,” Noonan said.
“Updating the rooms was on our list, so we started with our original section of hotel rooms – the first bank closest to the lobby. We started planning and I used a designer out of Winnipeg. He specializes in hospitality and he was incredibly helpful in the whole process. It’s always a little more than you expect when you jump into these things, so his guidance was awesome.”
With help of the designer and a host of local businesses, Noonan explained that they installed new flooring and case goods, completely re-did the bathrooms and removed some walls to improve the flow of the rooms, and visibility of the lake front.
“We did a gut job on all the bathrooms, that turned out really, really nice,” she said.
“The bath units lasted really long, but they were original to the build in the 80s, so they definitely served their purpose there. It was time for a refresh.”
Noonan explained that the process of working with the designer allowed her to customize what she envisioned for the rooms without needing to bog herself down in the stylistics choices.
“We started with a whole series of pictures they sent me, kind of ‘what do you like? what do you not like?’ And they just got a better feel of what our style is and how we wanted it to look in the end,” she said.
“So it was brainstorming at first and then once they collect that info, a lot of the visioning came from Rex; he’s the senior designed at the firm we used that helped us with this. He took a basic concept of what I would have and turned it into the artistic form. That isn’t really my forte, so it was really beneficial to work with him.”
Noonan said local businesses and operators like Ed Kaun and Sons, M.L. Caron Electric, Glen Ward, Revco Carpet, Bruce Martin, Denise Bliss and Stan’s were all part of the renovation process, with Wayne Kaun serving in a lead role of sorts.
“Wayne was our lead on the project and it was nice, because it was a big undertaking for us and it was nice to have them lead the way on what had to be done and the subcontracting,” Noonan said.
“But he also, if there were certain elements that I wanted to manage, he let me do that, so it was nice. He was flexible with that. We got a lot of support from lots of local vendors, and that was really great.”
Going forward, Noonan said the next phase of renovations will likely involve more rooms, as well as a facelift to the lobby area and parts of the restaurant, and since the business will continue to work with the designer, the subsequent work will keep to a unified theme.
“We’re really proud to have been able to finish this, so our plan is to continue with every room, and finish them in sections,” she said.
“It’s nice working with Rex, our designer, because they have sort of that long-range visioning that is really helpful and you really understand how everything dovetails into the other in terms of branding and having that consistent look. Whether we hit our targets or not, it’s nice to be able to say ‘okay, this is the next phase, this is the next’ and then it’s just this consistent look and feel throughout our whole building.”
Noonan also extended an invitation to anyone who is interested to head down to the Vous to see the newly renovated rooms in person.
“If there’s any local people who want to come and take a look at one of the newly renovated rooms, we’d be happy to show them,” she said.
“Maybe they’ve got friends or family coming, or they’re just curious to take a look, we’re very proud of them and we’d love to show anyone one of our new rooms.”