Rainy River Seniors Activity Depot chooses new executive

Rainy River Seniors Activity Depot

Since our St. Patrick’s Day luncheon had to be cancelled due to the onset of coronavirus in Canada, we felt a need to find a way to communicate with our fellow seniors after months of silence. For those who use Facebook, our name there is: Rainy River Activity Depot.
On September 30 we held a small meeting due to restrictions on group size in order to elect a new executive. Due to personal reasons, and after years of service, our President, Linda Russell and Secretary Norma Johnston have decided to step down. We appreciate all they have done for our group over the years. The new leaders will hold their positions on an interim basis until we are once again able to hold a general election with all our interested membership present.
Our interim leaders are: President: Myrna Armstrong
Vice – President: Angele White
Secretary: *position not filled
Treasurer: Cathy Seguin
(new) Events Coordinator: Rebecca Wood
*As you see we need someone to help as secretary. The position requires someone to attend meetings once a month, write or type the minutes and read them at the next meeting. Please contact one of us if you could help with this. The new position of Events coordinator was added to promote and help to facilitate new events and activities for our members.
You may have heard that we have applied for a grant. Although we have not yet heard if we will be getting it, if we do, it will provide us with some computer equipment at the depot as well as an instructor to teach us how to use it and our own devices safely and with confidence. It will also provide us with our own website where local seniors can enrol in workshops, find information and contacts pertinent to seniors and find out what is happening at the depot.